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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of all time and almost every Bitcoin casino is offering it in their first game line-up. Overthe year it has also become the second most popular game for Bitcoin players, second only to dice games. If Roulette is your game, then we definitely receommend you check out Coin Roulette, which is the world’s most popular Bitcoin roulette site.


Best Places to Play Bitcoin Roulette

HereĀ are our top three picks of places to play roulette with Bitcoin online

Play at Bitcoin CasinoPlay at Betchain CasinoPlay at BitCasino.io



House Edge

As with land-based and other online versions of Roulette, the house edge at Bitcoin casinos is fixed at 2.7% for single zero and 5.26% for double zero roulette. Another way of saying this is that the payout is between 94.74% (double) and 97.3% (single). These payouts are for single number bets only.
Since the game rules are simple and based on a standard set of numbers there is no difference in the payout percentage of a Bitcoin casino. There are certain minor rule changes that can affect the payout like the half-black rule which reduces the house edge on zero in a double zero game, but no Bitcoin casinos seems to be offering these yet.


Is Bitcoin Good Enough?

Most of the Bitcoin brands use less advanced software than gaming giants like Playtech and Microgaming so the Roulette tables tend to be more simplistic. Game mechanics are exactly the same and gameplay was smooth across board but the graphics are not in the same class. If you’re into the action of seeing the wheel spinning and are looking for a great version of 3D Roulette or Premium then you will be disappointed.

If the game itself is your thing and you want a good game of Roulette without needing to install software, then Bitcoin delivers. Plus the big selling point is that US citizens can play!


French/European Roulette vs American

The 2 most common versions of Roulette are:

  • French / European (only 1 zero)
  • American (2 zeroes on the wheel)

Roulette at Betcoin Casino


The default version in Bitcoin casinos is the European Roulette wheel but there are some sites that offer the double zero game. Our recommendation is to stick to the single version as the payout is higher on red or black unless you specifically play the zero bet.




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