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Cloudbet Review

Cloudbet separates itself from the flock of Bitcoin gambling sites by providing an excellent betting platform that puts sports ahead of its casino. The site covers every sport you could imagine betting on, adds the appeal of live sports betting, and still manages to offer hundreds of casino games and live dealer interfaces. With a complete package and user-friendly interface, Cloudbet is a very impressive Bitcoin sportsbook. 


Cloud Bet Quick Facts

Year Established: 2013
Based in: Netherlands Antilles
Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin

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Overall experience

Right off the bat it must be stated that this is a review of Cloudbet’s sportsbook, and will therefore be primarily focused on Cloudbet’s sports gambling and not its casino gambling.

Upon arriving at Cloudbet, you will find a sportsbook that’s relatively easy to navigate with plenty of sporting events to choose from – more on that below. While the site offers information about the different gambling platforms and aids for an introduction to Bitcoin, there is one glaring hole in Cloudbet’s sportsbook. Very simply, there is no guide to sports betting.

Cloudbet is very much geared towards experienced bettors, either that or they believe their players should dive straight into the world of Bitcoin sports betting. There is no blog post or guide on the homepage explaining how to bet and what all the different terms and numbers mean. The sports page offers nothing more than games, teams and betting lines – all of which will mean nothing to inexperienced or casual sports bettors. This could be a major setback for some reviewers, but Cloudbet is still correct in directing its site towards the large amount of experienced sports bettors and does a good job of providing them with a clean and simple-to-use interface.



Event coverage

There really is no shortage of sporting events that you can bet on when you visit Cloudbet, and let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all about. The major gambling sports are all available – soccer, American football, rugby, ice hockey, etc. – and there are even events for the more obscure and less popular sports such as darts, snooker and handball. Of course, no sportsbook would be complete without the ability to wager on the 2016 United States Presidential Election…


Betting Page


Lines and Spreads

To get a better idea of the lines that Cloudbet offers, the NFL Playoff and English Premier League lines were compared with other Bitcoin sportsbook sites. Cloudbet’s lines were relatively on par with other Bitcoin sportsbooks, as well as regular sports betting sites.

Cloudbet also offers parlays for all of its various sports. This means that if you wager on several games at a time, you have to be bet correctly on all of them in order to win, but the payout is much higher.

One aspect that was missing from Cloudbet’s array of betting capabilities is proposition betting (or prop bets). Prop betting allows bettors to wager on more specific things such as a certain player scoring more than X amount of points, or betting that a specific team winning the championship before the season even starts. Without prop bets it’s all about win/lose and over/under, which is more than enough for most people, but the addition of props helps broaden the sports betting umbrella and certainly helps bring in more bettors.




Bonuses and Promotions

The only bonus or promotion that Cloudbet offers is a 100% first deposit bonus. The bonus has a limit of 5 BTC, and 0.01 BTC will be released for every 800 loyalty points that you earn. There is also a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC for this bonus.

While that bonus is relatively exciting, the fact that it is the only bonus or promotion on the site is a bit of a letdown.



Cloudbet Politics Bet

Other features

There are a few other features worth noting about Cloudbet and they are concerning security, which is always nice to see. Firstly, Cloudbet offers a two-step authentication for player accounts in order to beef up security and all of the site’s bitcoins are held in cold storage in order to protect them. Cloudbet maintains that its wallet always has sufficient funds to pay players, so the cold storage will be maintained without a hitch.


Withdrawals and Payments

Cloudbet offers “lightning fast cash outs” that are generally processed within 24 hours. This time is due to the requirement of three confirmations for each deposit made to the player’s account. This is another security feature that still manages to get withdrawals out within a reasonable time and is therefore a rather impressive feature.

In terms of currencies, Cloudbet works exclusively with Bitcoin.


For experienced sports bettors looking to wager with their Bitcoins, Cloudbet offers a clean and simple sportsbook experience. Practically every sport imaginable is available for wagering and with the 100% first deposit bonus, players should have more than enough reason to spend their Bitcoins at Cloudbet. There is some information lacking in terms of sports betting guides and in regards to other aspects of the site, but overall Cloudbet is a user-friendly and easily managed Bitcoin sportsbook.  





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