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If you were wondering who we are, here you will find a brief bio and some facts about our editorial team. Apart from being bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, you will find in the page below the key to our high quality coverage: our relentless search for the best and most up to date available information about bitcoin, blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. Combining all of our strengths together, we strive to bring the world of bitcoin to your screen with unhindered professionalism.

marc-kenigsbergMarc Kenigsberg, Bitcoin Chaser CEO and Editor in Chief,

Marc is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocate, interested in the potential that these tools along with blockchain technology may bring to the world. Marc has built his career around digital marketing, online gaming and finance. He currently oversees all the content published on Bitcoin Chaser, taking particular care of the news and analysis section. Marc is also the creator and host of ‘The Coinversation’, a podcast that focuses on the developments in the world of cryptocurrency, by interviewing a wide range of experts and entrepreneurs as well as building upon the work of Bitcoin Chaser’s analysts.

StevenSteven Gleiser, Bitcoin Analyst and Content Manager,

Aside from having a great passion for travel and the outdoors, Steven is an avid consumer of any kind of information related to bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. His background in international relations, international economics and strategic planning, give him a unique perspective on how the bitcoin revolution is shaping the world. He currently writes many of the analysis pieces on the news section, and manages the content on the site.

Naomi EastmanNaomi Eastman, Webmaster, Social Media Strategist and Occasional Writer,

With a background in building and managing webpages, as well as a keen sense of social media trends, Naomi is in charge of spreading the Bitcoin Chaser message far and wide. Ever since she became acquainted with bitcoin, she has also studied the effects of cryptocurrency and blockchain on digital marketing and social media. She also writes articles for the news section occasionally, focusing mainly on the impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on digital and social media marketing.

Aryeh EastmanAryeh Eastman, Bitcoin Analyst,


Behind the scenes, in a Satoshi Nakamoto-like way, Aryeh is always hard at work looking for the latest information about the bitcoin revolution to feed into our editorial machine. With an excellent sense of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have changed the way we interact, Aryeh splits his time between NFL football stats, and the world of cryptocurrencies. Aryeh also co-hosts ‘The Coinversation’ providing more insight and analysis.

TzviTzvi Shishler, CEO of 4 King Media, Occasional Contributor

A marketing specialist, Tzvi is always looking for the latest deals in the cryptocurrency world. Everything from plane tickets to pet toys, if a vendor enabled bitcoin payments Tzvi will be the first one to know and have us write a piece about it. He occasionally contributes to our pieces as well with his great knowledge about the markets and how cryptocurrency consumers behave.

Bitcoin Chaser Staff

All of us together make up the wonderful editorial staff here at Bitcoin Chaser. Sometimes, when we meet and start writing notes down, we come up with enough material for an article together. Since we all contribute to it, we sign off on it as ‘BitcoinChaser Staff’.

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