Ongoing ICOs

News, Interviews, and Information about live, ongoing ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) 

ICO Concept
Relest ico


Real estate rental auction platform

ICO Ends January 25

Jibrel Network ico

Jibrel Network

A network to trade and store traditional financial assets

ICO Ends January 26

revv coin ico

Revv Coin

A concept currency platform that utilizes mining

ICO Ends January 30

blockrx ico


Integrating the life sciences community

ICO Ends January 31

Apollo DAE ico

Apollo DAE

The future of DAE trading

ICO Ends January 31

Jincor ico


A venture-backed enterprise communication tool

ICO Ends January 31

Nous Platform ico

Nous Pre-Sale

A platform for investors and invetment funds

PreSale Ends January 31

Bee Socials ico

Bee Socials

An online platform connecting people with local events 

ICO Ends February 3

PayPro token sale


Decentralized financial marketplace

ICO Ends February 4

Live edu token sale cryptosale ico

Live Edu

Powering global online education with smart contracts

ICO Ends February 10

Live ICOs February

Patriot Project Mall

Real construction project

ICO Ends February 10

Scorum ico token sale


Sports optimized blogging platform that rewards active users

ICO Ends February 11

ICO April

Safinus (stage 1)

Cryptocurrency and ICO investment platform

Stage 1 Ends February 14

crowd machine ico token sale


Personal cloud computer available for everyone

ICO Ends February 15

Neuromation ico


A synthetic data platform for deeep learning applcations 

ICO Ends February 15

movement app crowdsale information

Fluz Fluz

Make money as others shop

ICO Ends February 18

Pindify ico


Music exchange token

ICO Ends February 19 ico


3D/VR space cration platform

ICO Ends February 23

Pikcio Chain initial coin offering

Pikcio Chain Pre-Sale

Secure exchange for valuable data assets

Pre-Sale Ends February 28

Lucyd ico


Blockchain-fueled smart glasses

ICO Ends February 28

Rentberry ico


Decentralized home rental platform

ICO Ends February 28

blocklancer ico


A platform for finding jobs, hiring, and getting projects done

ICO Ends February 28

Bankera ico


Banking for the blockchain era

ICO Ends February 29

KYC Legal ico token sale

KYC Legal

Blockchain Identity Verification

ICO Ends March 1

Earth Token ico

Earth Token

Environmental sustainability solutions

ICO Ends March 15

SyncFab ico


P2P blockchain for the manufacturing supply chain

ICO Ends March 15


Gilgamesh Platform

Knowledge-sharing social network platform 

ICO Ends March 26

Forty seven bank token sale

Forty Seven Bank

Connecting financial worlds

ICO Ends March 31

BitRent  ico


A platform for investing and monitoring building construction

ICO Ends March 31

ongoing initial coin offering


Creating a balance between an out-of-date financial system and new electronic commerce

ICO Ends April 1

Car Vertical ico token sale

Car Vertical

A global and decentralized car history registry

ICO Ends April 5

darico ico token sale


Gateway to safer cryptocurrency investment

ICO Ends January 15

live icos


A virtual world bringing the next level of online interaction


ongoing icos


Cryptocurrency mining made easy


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