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Stamps ICO

With Stamps businesses can issue tradable crypto tokens representing legal equity in their company

Stamps ICO – Public Sale February 5 – April 4, 2018 

Built on the Soferox dual chain infrastructure, Stamps will streamline the process of issuing equity ownership. Unlike traditional funding methods, when a business issues equity tokens on the Stamps platform, they will instantly have a large following of backers who
own a share of their company and avoid possession of legally-classified security classification at the same time.

The initial issuance of equity tokens is a gift to specific stakeholders determined by the organization, in conjunction with the Stamp’s administrators. Because these tokens are gifted, they are not a sale of equity instruments. This is a meaningful distinction that obviates many significant legal concerns.

The closest analog to a Stamps release is a series of voluntary contracts between an issuer and individuals contributing to the equity basis of the issuer. Organizations may establish token holder privileges in a manner similar to securities, offering dividends, voting
rights, etc. Correctly structured, this can make these equity tokens a valuable instrument which justifies a high price on a secondary market. It is this secondary market that gives the equity tokens value as a financial instrument and permits the issuing organization to monetize their project.

Organizations retain a percentage of the equity tokens gifted, and may divest themselves of this equity token under terms established during the stamp release, and of those programmatically enforced by the network. This allows organizations to profit from their
contribution of value to the community, and avoid the regulatory pitfalls associated with traditional stock and coin offerings.

-summary from Stamps whitepaper

Stamps ICO Information

Token Symbol STAMP
Type Ethereum ERC-20 Token (what is ERC 20 Token)
Total Supply 300 million STAMP
Token Sale Supply 210 million STAMP
Purchase Rate 1 ETH = 1000 STAMP
Soft Cap 2,500,000 STAMP (Est. 2,500 ETH)
Hard Cap 210,000,000 STAMP (Est. 210,000 ETH)
Currency Accepted ETH
Token Sale 70%
Core Team 10%
Additional Team 5%
Strategic Advisors 5%
Promotional Bounties 3%
Marketing 7%

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