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Rise and Bitcoin Chaser host a special screening of Banking on Bitcoin in 6 cities world-wide


Rise and Bitcoin Chaser partner

Barclays, one of the leading and most widely recognized financial institutions in the world, is embracing disruptive changes in financial technology or FinTech. Through its partnership with Rise innovation centers in 7 cities – London, Manchester, New York, Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Vilnius and Mumbai – Rise is leading the way to further innovation and harness technological disruption. The ultimate goal is to turn disruption into transformative initiatives through these partnerships around the world. Bitcoin Chaser has joined the effort for a special event that will take place on March 1st, 2017: the simultaneous screening of Christopher Cannucciari’s documentary, Banking on Bitcoin, in 6 of the seven Rise innovation centers around the world.

The Opportunity

This is an opportunity to reconnect these innovation centers with some core questions about bitcoin and blockchain technology. Hopefully this will initiate another type of transformation, that of the philosophy behind this disruptive force. As such, the documentary together with Bitcoin Chaser should play the crucial role of igniting a deeper discussion about the underpinnings of the bitcoin movement.

Before the screening, Marc Kenigsberg, the CEO of Bitcoin Chaser, will engage the audience to deliver a short talk about The Moral Imperative of Bitcoin. With this talk, Mr. Kenigsberg will convey a message about the transformative power that blockchain technology initiatives can have. Ultimately the disruptive nature of bitcoin and blockchain has opened a path. Nevertheless, in order to deepen transformation, there are some things that entrepreneurs should consider, like social responsibility and other moral imperatives.


“Bitcoin and blockchain technology are both incredibly successful tools for the transformation of financial services everywhere, but they are often overlooked in their role as transformative technologies in the field of social responsibility. We have a moral obligation to spread their use in this realm as well.” -Marc Kenigsberg

Spreading the Word about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Banking on Bitcoin and Mr. Kenigsberg’s talk will also highlight the importance of conveying the message at the core of the bitcoin revolution and blockchain-powered projects, to a wide variety of audiences. This is an important skill that Rise values dearly. In this regard, it is important to highlight 4King Media in the UK and the work its staff did in order to make this event possible. Tzvi Shishler, managing partner of 4King Media, brought Chris Cannucciari, Bitcoin Chaser and Rise together for this event, showing that the path from disruption to transformation goes way beyond the teams of entrepreneurs who are working on developing the technology further.

Beyond the Simultaneous Screening of Banking on Bitcoin

Just as the entrepreneurs at Rise centers around the world will keep on forging ahead bringing innovative blockchain services and products to the market, Bitcoin Chaser and 4King Media will keep on bringing them to the readers. As part of that effort, this page will serve as a hub to publish all the material about Mr. Kenigsberg’s talk on March 1st, as well as interviews with influential members of Rise centers around the world. This hub will also serve to communicate any further development in what Bitcoin Chaser hopes will become a stronger relationship between it, Rise and its wonderful cohort of transformative entrepreneurs.


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