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Publication Guidelines
  • Make sure your headlines concise. Anything exceeding a reasonable length may be shortened.  
  • The text document should contain include no more than 3 external links. We will remove any external links after the first three if this number is exceeded.
  • Please include an accompanying image of your choice. 
  • The images we use are 800x480px. We will accept images that do not fit this size, but please bear in mind that anything bigger than this will have to be trimmed to size. Anything smaller may be substituted for an image of our own choice.

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Want to bring your ICO Bitcoin Chasers readers? Add your ICO to our list of ICOs

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Get a featured position on our upcoming and ongoing ICO lists, as well as a prominent position on our homepage. We will also publish a profile page with all the details of your ICO as well as links to your website and social media channels.


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