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Cryptocurrency News

Cryptocurrency Market Snap Shot: Top 5 By Market Cap Over The Last 4 Years

With the BIP148 UASF approaching, cryptocurrency markets are acting up. Prices are falling, so it is… read more

Cryptocurrency News

Poloniex Withdrawal Issues Surface Once Again

Several cryptocurrency exchanges have had a variety of issues lately. Of these, Poloniex attracted the most… read more

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Homeless Man Makes $800 In 4 Days

You might have seen this picture on Reddit or Facebook where it became quite popular among… read more


Stellar Lumens: A Guide For Starters

Stellar Lumens is a cryptocurrency created by a team of developers in 2014. Co-founded by Mt… read more

Cryptocurrency News

Ethereum Casper Implementation Roadmap: What You Need To Know

After a few years of development, Vitalik Buterin – creator of the Ethereum network – published… read more

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Demand In Japan Behind Recent Price Surge?

Recently, bitcoin has been establishing new all-time highs almost daily. This is probably due to the… read more

Regulation News

Why Is The SEC Reconsidering The Winklevoss ETF?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission – SEC – will reconsider its decision to reject the… read more

Regulation News

Bitcoin Regulation In India May Arrive In Summer

Bitcoin regulation in India might arrive before this summer, according to the latest reports.This move would… read more

Cryptocurrency News

Bitfinex Wire Transfer Problems Affecting Users

Bitfinex is facing wire transfer issues. From now on users will not be able to use… read more


Bitcoin Hackers: Top 5 Cases In Which Cryptocurrency Was Stolen

Ever since its inception, media outlets have linked bitcoin with cyber-crime. In some of those infamous… read more

Fork News

Extension Blocks Proposal Runs Into Trouble

A few days ago, Purse, BitPay and Lightning suggested a new solution for the bitcoin block… read more

Regulation News

Bitcoin In India: Legal Status And How It Affects Bitcoin Users

On April 20th, the Indian government will declare its position on the legal status of bitcoin… read more

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