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Indian exchange Coinsecure’s funds hacked

Exchanges get hacked all the time, that why people should always hold their own private keys. Nevertheless, it seems that in the case of India’s Coinsecure, it might have been an inside job, adding insult to injury

FINMA Roundtable on ICO Guidelines

Regulators world-wide don’t seem to like ICOs too much, except for Swiss regulator FINMA. It seems this regulator is opening the door for new ICOs to launch within the country, but the framework comes at a cost for new ICOs

Litecoin Community Governance: The LitePay & LitePal Fiasco

In February Litecoin prices surged with the news LitePay was readying to launch. which was to allow companies all over the world to accept Litecoin payments. This plan didn’t come to fruition, and a fiasco ensued.

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