Bitcoin Chaser’s Best of 2017

2017 is drawing to a close, and as we race towards the finish line, we can take a look back and say this was an action-packed year for cryptocurrency markets. From the nerve-racking Bitcoin scaling solution implementations, to the surprising rise of altcoins few people had ever heard about, going through the ICO craze and culminating with Bitcoin futures trading, 2017 will forever remain in our minds as one of those spectacular breakthrough years. To cap it all up, we decided to hold our own little award ceremony to commemorate the highest points of this eventful year.

Best of 2017

Best Bitcoin Obituary

2017 was full of extreme ups and downs. Those who stuck with their coins, got the ultimate prize, but that is never easy. The amount of information – and misinformation – out there makes it extremely difficult to stick to your guns, especially when main street chimes in without understanding the first thing about cryptocurrency markets. Suddenly you start getting calls from friends and family warning you to sell and take your profits before it is too late. Sometimes they even quote some mainstream genius who throws the word “bubble” around like it is nobody’s business, declaring that cryptocurrencies are dead. Bitcoin tends to bear the brunt of these attacks, so we have decided to start our awards list with the best Bitcoin Obituary – inspired by 99bitcoins.

The best Bitcoin Obituary of 2017 goes to Jamie Dimon.

Among all the highly respected economists, Nobel prize winners, journalists, politicians and leaders of the financial industry that were busy digging Bitcoin’s virtual grave, Dimon really stood out. The JP Morgan CEO referred to Bitcoin buyers and holders as stupid people, asserted that governments would crush the coin, and claimed that Bitcoin is like tulips, to use that old, tired cliché that only proves how ignorant the speaker is. When Dimon started talking negatively about Bitcoin, price hit a snag. It dropped below the $4,000 USD mark, but then it went on a rally that made Dimon’s comments look more ridiculous every day. Bitcoin powered through the dreaded contentious SegWit2X fork, and its price rose above $19,000 USD. At this point the CME and the CBOE both started trading Bitcoin futures, which JP Morgan is reportedly participating in. That is after Dimon threatened to fire anyone who suggests trading Bitcoin at JP Morgan. This was definitely a hell of an obituary!

Best Meme

Dimon also inspired a string of Bitcoin memes. We took a look at those as well as all the others to determine which was the best Bitcoin meme of 2017 – and by Bitcoin meme, we really mean cryptocurrency meme. With so many events this year, memes were flying around like never before, so picking one is difficult. Nevertheless, we had to pick one, so we went with one that shows how ridiculous a government ban on cryptocurrency can be:

bitcoin meme

Best Article

Choosing the best cryptocurrency article for the year is even more challenging than choosing the best meme out there. Therefore, we chose the most widely read article from our site this year so far.

The best cryptocurrency article of 2017 is: The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Scams

The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Scams

Here is the worst instances of malicious individuals and companies takin advantage of cryptocurrency enthusiasts


Best ICO

Cryptocurrency rock stars might be terrible at producing songs, but they have proven themselves to be quite nimble at raising money for their projects. 2017 was the year of the ICO for sure, and hundreds of millions were raised for projects that still have a lot to prove. Therefore, selecting the best ICO of 2017 is tricky. Should we choose the most successful one? What does a successful ICO look like then? What was it successful at? We have discussed this previously in our analysis articles, so we will not delve into this further. Keeping this in mind, we have selected the ICO we think was the best at being inclusive and was designed with the user’s experience in mind.

The best ICO of 2017 is: Civic Initial Coin Offering 

Civic Token Sale

Civic took a radically different approach to its token sale thanany ICO before it. We look into how other can learn from Civic's example


Best Documentary

Documentaries and movies came along together with the ICO craze and the epic rise in cryptocurrency prices during 2017. This is the reason why we chose a documentary that explains what Bitcoin is, how it has developed and why, before everyone started flooding the market with their own. The documentary of 2017 is: Banking on Bitcoin

Read our interview with the creators of Banking on Bitcoin

Best Casino

Business is an important part of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency economy. One of the industries that propelled Bitcoin forward, was the gambling industry. Therefore, we must include the best cryptocurrency casino of 2017. Picking the best one is tricky. Should we go with one of those decentralized casinos that launched Ethereum-based ICOs to operate, or should we go with the one that became popular quickly?

The answer is evident in our pick: CryptoWild Casino

Featured Casino: CryptoWild

Read our review of the wildest new casino in the space - its games, bonuses, and more


Best Book

Just as with the documentaries, this one is more a question of who was there first, before the buzz and rising prices got all the potential writers out there melting their keyboards into their desks.

Our favorite book of the year was written by one of the most eloquent and knowledgeable Bitcoin advocates out there: The Internet of Money Volume 2 by Andreas Antonopoulos

Best Coin

This leads us to the hardest choice of them all in our list: the best coin of 2017. There are so many options and so many ways to pick one. If we go according to prices, we must choose Cardano or IOTA. If we take impact into account, Bitcoin and Ether jump right at us, and Monero is also a fair contender. Thinking about potential and innovation, we could again select IOTA or even Byteball. Nevertheless, we went with the silent player that took everyone by surprise. This coin delivered more than 2800% returns for its holders this year, and took the leading role in enabling SegWit.

The coin of the year 2017 is: LITECOIN (LTC)

Litecoin Quietly Rises

We look at a few of the factors behind Litecoin's quiet but remarkable rise through 2017


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