BitBuds AppThe world of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is global in nature. Ever since bitcoin revolutionized the idea that money transfers could be done on a P2P basis without any middlemen, those who see themselves as citizens of the world became instant members of a great community for which borders are just a thing of the past. To power this idea, and take advantage of all the technology available to us, Mingle, the successful maker of various chat apps, has come up with Bitbuds. Now you can download the Bitbuds app to your phone – in the meantime it is limited to iPhone and iPad users – and meet bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiasts all around the world.

Basic Bitbuds Features

The app works basically like any other chat app, but it does have a couple of twists that will appeal to the cryptocurrency crowd. These are some of the features that the app offers:

  • Check cryptocurrency prices through the app.
  • Join different chat rooms and chat with like-minded people about various topics.
  • Upload and share pictures and videos.
  • Currently there is only a version for iPhone or iPad users, but versions for other platforms are being created.

Of course if you want to keep your identity safe according to the principles of the bitcoin community, you can chose a pseudonym for yourself and regulate the amount of information you share with the app. This is a great feature for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Bitbuds app previewA Great Tool for the Bitcoin Traveler

Since Bitbuds allows you to meet people from all over the world who are interested in cryptocurrencies, it could be a great tool for the bitcoin traveler. You can choose to engage with bitcoin or Ethereum enthusiasts at the country of destination and ask them about the places that the local cryptocurrency crowd frequents. You can also make it a part of your bitcoin tour of the place you are visiting by actually meeting the local members of the bitcoin community wherever you go.

Dating a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast through Bitbuds

This app has also been used widely for dating. It is a great way to meet a like-minded date close to you, or if you are travelling, maybe a person you would be interested to meet and go out on a date with while you are abroad. This gives the app a unique twist and makes it probably the first bitcoin dating app around. In fact, Mingle Ltd, the app’s creators, have made a name for themselves in the dating app scene as well, so it is not surprising that they would take their expertise and set up an app that can also be used for dating purposes within a niche market.

Final Thoughts

This is a nicely designed app that allows you to meet like-minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. It is a great way to share your thoughts about the bitcoin revolution and everything that has to do with the development of Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrencies, with ease. It also gives its users a platform to discuss their ideas about cryptocurrencies within relevant forums, on the go. It is definitely worth the try!

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