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bitcoin pizza birthdayHere at BitcoinChaser we love Bitcoins and we love good food that looks like Bitcoins. This year the food of choice for Marc’s birthday was pizza. Check it out below.

The Start of Annual Tradition

What better way to top last year’s incredible Bitcoin cake than by ordering a custom made Bitcoin pizza that was almost too large to fit through the hallway?

It’s no secret that Marc Kenigsberg is a fan of Bitcoin. He probably thought it was really funny and cute to be presented with a Bitcoin birthday cake exactly one year ago, but who would have guessed that the gesture would become an annual tradition? That’s why we took the idea of an office birthday party a few steps further and ordered a massive pizza bearing the infamous Bitcoin “B” logo.

Not only was the Bitcoin pizza very filling, it was also a visual aid to help us divide into 8 decimal places, and even cut off a little bit in honor of those pesky (and completely random) Bitcoin transaction fees. Who knew that Bitcoin pizza was also educational?

This was likely Giant Pizza’s first cryptocurrency-related order, but it might just be the impetus for possibly ordering future enlarged pies while paying with a cryptocurrency. Although opening up a pizza box and finding the DogeCoin logo inside might be just as fun.

bitcoin pizza

bitcoin pizza story

Full Bitcoin split into 2 x 0.5 BTC. Plus a small transaction fee in the middle 🙂

Bitcoin Pizza Story – the First BTC Transaction

This is not to be confused with the first commercial Bitcoin transaction of all time. This is commonly accepted as 2 pizzas bought on Bitcointalk by Laszlo Hanyecz for 10,000 BTC that he had mined on his computer. This took place on May 22, 2010 and is today celebrated as “Bitcoin Pizza Day“, see details about last year’s celebrations for Bitcoin Pizza Day at coindesk.

This is just how we roll here at BitcoinChaser when it comes to birthdays and cryptocoins!

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Account and content manager at Bitcoin Chaser. I love writing, sports, and Bitcoin.

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