Hack News

Bitfinex Hack Quick Notes

After the dust settles, the Bitfinex hack will go down in history as the second worst […]

Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies Stumble Due To Bitfinex Hack

Cryptocurrency markets had been showing weakness lately on a variety of different reasons. Bitcoin had been […]

Fork News

Markets React Positively To Ethereum Classic

From the perspective of cryptocurrency markets, it was a long shot. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over navigated […]

Bitcoin News

The Prisma Craze In Bitcoin Pop Culture

There is no doubt that the images created by members of the bitcoin community and cryptocurrency […]

Bitcoin News

Florida Court Brings Back Bitcoin Definition Debate

Despite dealing with bitcoin on many different fronts, the authorities are still debating about the function […]

Bitcoin News

Pokémon Go Meets Bitcoin

In a few years when people look back at the huge Pokémon Go craze, they will […]

Fork News

Ethereum Classic Emerges Following Hard Fork

It is no secret that not all Ethereum users were comfortable with the hard fork solution […]


Hot New Bonuses At 7Bit To Make Your Summer Unforgettable

Summer 2016 will be remembered as one of the hottest summers in the history of global […]

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