The Bitles is a new bitcoin app that is taking the market by storm. It is a smart, puzzle solving app that presents a different kind of challenge than most bitcoin apps to date: make sure the Bitle takes the coin and goes back to its nest. In exchange for your problem solving skills, this bitcoin app will reward you with 0.000025BTC every time you solve a puzzle correctly. This app will let you earn bitcoin for free while you entertain yourself, and improve your problem solving skills.

Bitles Bitcoin App


The game is practical and it seems simple, but it requires some thinking before playing. After all, who would want to give away rewards of 0.000025BTC without having the player make an effort? The basic aim of the game is to have the Bitle go in, fetch a bitcoin and bring it back to the nest, but the Bitle is not particularly good at getting there, so the player will have to place a few directional arrows on the map to make it go to the coin and then to the nest.

This is where the puzzle gets challenging. The Bitle will only go forward and will only change its direction if it hits an arrow – in which case it will start walking on the same direction that the arrow is pointing towards – or if it hits a wall – in which case it will follow the direction of the wall. This means that players have to be smart and understand where to place their scarce arrows, and how to use the walls to direct the Bitle when they have no more arrows left, in order to earn free bitcoin.

Bitles App screen shot


The puzzles will get more and more challenging as the player advances, but with the skills of the player also advancing, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be increasingly difficult to get free bitcoin. In any case players will be able to repeat each level as many times as it is necessary to advance to the next round, and get that bitcoin reward they are craving!

The Bitles is certainly a great app, and one of the best bitcoin games for people who are looking for entertainment, a problem solving challenge, and to top it all off, free bitcoin. This game will always keep the players engaged with more excitement, more challenges and more bitcoin rewards. It is definitely one of our favorite free bitcoin apps.

Click here to go to the official app website.

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