The Crypto Jeweler – Buy Gold with Bitcoin

By Rachel Jacobs | May 19, 2014

Bitcoin is becoming widespread as more and more merchants have started accepting the coin as a payment method.

You can now spend your BTC on a whole range of interesting things, from buying furniture on to purchasing a trip to space from Virgin Galactic as the Winklevoss twins did.

Small businesses are also starting to hang up the “Bitcoin Accepted Here” sign, from local bakeries to gyms to barber shops.

One interesting site I found was You can buy quality gold, silver and diamond jewelry using one of the few selected crypto-currencies accepted including Bitcoins, Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, NXTcoin, Vertcoin, Blackcoin & Digitalcoin. The site also accepts regular ol’ US dollars for the old-timers.

The site was specifically created to primarily accept crypto-currencies, which made it the first of its kind. Ryan Scott and Bodi Klamph, two crypto-currency enthusiasts saw a great opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and be one of the first retailers to pave the way to standardizing Bitcoin.

While browsing the website I’ve come across some gorgeous pieces including a 14k gold and diamond weaved bangle bracelet, a watch with floating Sapphires, gold and pearl teardrop earrings, and a sterling silver gold-toned necklace with green onyx stones.

Gold BraceletGreen Onyx NecklacePearl and Gold Earings

bitcoin jewelry

They also have a nice selection of diamond engagement rings. So if you are planning on proposing, all you need is roughly 5 BTC to get a nice rock.

Bitcoin engagement ring

 Bitcoin engagement ring

I definitely think this site is worth checking out, even if it’s just to drool over pretty pictures of diamonds and fancy jewelry.

If you know of an interesting merchant, whether local or online, that accepts cryptocurrencies comment below and I may feature them on the blog.