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When it comes to retirement, and aging in general, many people are looking at where they can put their money. Some believe that they should purchase a property abroad, whereas others are looking at whether or not stocks could be a beneficial path. Cryptocurrencies are all the rage at the moment, and with Bitcoin price on the rise once again, some of the older generation are looking at whether or not this is a sensible investment option for them. Here, we’re taking a closer look at whether or not seniors could benefit from Bitcoin investment.

Volatility Of The Investment

While some stocks and investments are safer than others, many people see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as highly volatile, which can be worrying for some seniors who are looking for a quick return on investment. This is very apparent when it comes to the Bitcoin bubble which was experienced throughout 2017 which then led to a crash in early 2018, although the market is beginning to see a rise once again, with markets currently sitting just below $10,000.

However, many experts and investors alike see Bitcoin as having a much lower falling risk now it has come out of the initial crash due to the fact that it does not depend on government policy. Its decentralised nature means that governments cannot cause hyperinflation and purchasing power cannot be amended as easily. This therefore makes a much more effective investment than some currencies can be. It is also somewhat promising that the cryptocurrency is slightly volatile, as many seniors are able to hold onto their investment (also known as HODLing) with the promise that the value will rise if it is reaching a low point. It is, of course, important to not be under the impression that the investment will continue to skyrocket as part of a bubble and to keep a close eye on the market as a whole in order to ensure that you are buying in and selling at the right times in order for the investment to be beneficial.

Cryptocurrencies As The Future Of Currency

A key reason for investing in Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, is that they are dubbed to be the future of currency. Even if the value in recent months hasn’t been as promising as you may have wanted initially, there is a strong chance that they will continue to grow in importance and popularity. Investing in Bitcoin can be highly beneficial for your family too, if you’re considering writing this investment into your will, as your family could find that 20 years down the line the investment is worth a considerable amount.

Industry Adoption

The increase in popularity of Bitcoin and a broad number of other cryptocurrencies has led to a selection of industries beginning to adopt this technology, in order to learn from the blockchain technology behind it and to ultimately utilise it as part of their services. The fact that mainstream industries such as banks and other financial institutions, alongside a number of well-known brands around the world, are adopting this technology means that Bitcoin is likely to be here to stay, despite what critics believe. As a result, cryptocurrencies can remain valuable for many years to come, so whether a senior or a millennial, investing in cryptocurrencies makes sense.


Market volatility is one of the reasons why people are currently deterred from investing in Bitcoin, but with industries beginning to adopt the technology and popularity beginning to increase, governments are looking to impose regulations. While many believe that this could impact the decentralisation aspect of cryptocurrencies, these market regulations could actually be beneficial, helping to stabilise the overall market and also improve the types of people who are investing in the cryptocurrency itself further boosting its profitability. In some cases, such as in Japan, governments are investing in separate regulatory bodies based on the exchanges themselves, to ensure that the currencies remain as decentralised as possible.

Investing in any stock, currency, mineral or any other type of investment is a risk. There is no such thing as a ‘safe’ investment and all investors will need to be prepared to lose money – just in case. However, cryptocurrencies are continuing to rise in popularity as the market has begun to recover and as such, now could be the right time for seniors to consider investing for their own benefit, and also for their families.


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