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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born out of controversy, and in the gambling space, it might be breeding even more controversy, but it is certainly making a name for itself as a reliable currency to gamble with. Bitcoin Cash casino abd gambling has been striding towards a unique position in the industry because of efforts from its promoters. It has taken over iconic brands and more casinos are enabling BCH payments in an effort to cater to players who are on the other side of the block size debate.

Iconic Brands and Bitcoin Cash Gambling

Bitcoin Cash has followed in the footsteps of Bitcoin into the gambling industry all the way. Bitcoin Cash gambling however, has had more backing from influential figures, than any other kind of cryptocurrency gambling. Therefore, it has managed to take over some iconic brands and become the only currency acceptable for the most iconic of them all. Satoshi Dice, the first ever Bitcoin or cryptocurrency gambling outfit, is now under new management, and it accepts Bitcoin Cash payments only.

With this coup, Bitcoin Cash gambling has advanced to another level. This move effectively opened the flood gates and many top brands are now enabling Bitcoin Cash gambling also.

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Bitcoin Cash Gambling Makes Sense

It makes sense for all these brands to become Bitcoin Cash casino. They have a lot to gain by bringing back the big blockers into the gambling scene. It is also relatively easy to integrate BCH payments once you have experience with BTC payments, although there might be less companies that provide fiat to Bitcoin Cash bridges.

enabling bitcoin cash gambling at Betchain

Enabling bitcoin cash gambling at Betchain casino

Bitcoin Cash Gambling Unique Game Storylines

Apart from the payment mechanics, Bitcoin Cash gambling might also provide some unique storylines for software suppliers who would like to get into the thorny scaling debate with a game. It is possible to imagine unique games designed for Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts, based on the fork or on the whole issue “the real Bitcoin.” Nevertheless, those games might get too niche and too political for any software provider to consider.

Unique Games or Not, Bitcoin Cash Casino is Here to Stay

Even if unique Bitcoin Cash games do not appear in the scene, it seems that BCH is in the industry to stay. It allows players to have another choice to make payments and withdrawals. It also allows players to pick the cryptocurrency they prefer the most at any given point in time in terms of transaction efficiency and cost. At certain points BCH payments will be faster and cheaper, in some other instances BTC payments will be faster and cheaper. If and when Lightning Network is fully implemented, this balance might change, and players looking for convenience might leave Bitcoin Cash gambling altogether to move into Bitcoin gambling or gambling with any other cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, that could take long, so in the meantime, players should enjoy the alternative they have with Bitcoin Cash gambling and play for those incredible jackpots at their favorite brand that accepts BCH payments. Ultimately, everyone knows gambling, be it Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin-based, is about one thing: bringing home the most outrageous jackpot out there!

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