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Forest Mania Slot Review


Step outside into the magical kingdom of iSoftbet’s Forest Mania, where all the enchanted animals roam, handing wanderers huge wins! This slot is like no other out there. It is as innovative as it is incredible!

Players will be able to take their luck on a whopping 100 payline game that is split into the first ever parallel slot action across a 5 x 2 reel game. The graphics, sound effects and the images all match the bold step that iSoftbet took when it designed this incredible game.

There is a sense in the industry that many other software providers will also raise the stakes, following iSoftbet’s Forest Mania down the 5 x 2 reel, 100 pay line rabbit hole.

forest mania slot

Forest Mania Slot Details

Free Spins

Play Forest Mania

Slot Strategy 

extremely complex exercise. The truth is that it may be simpler than with any other slot out there. That is because 100 pay Forest Mania slotlines and a 5 x 2 reel set up afford players a myriad of opportunities to hit huge wins. So basically, the best approach on Forest Mania is to just spin away, keeping in mind the risk you want to take on every go. The rest is just pure fun!

Bonus Features

There are basically 2 bonus features on this slot. The first one is the wild and the other one is the Free Spin feature. For the wild, there are 2 different symbols and both give players a different kind of wild bonus. The first one is the wild blue parrot. Once a player hits one of these symbols, it will automatically select one of the symbols from the first set of reels, to turn it into a wild. Once the symbol is selected, all other matching symbols will turn into wilds as well.


The second wild symbol is the wild crazy cat. The wild crazy cat symbol will select up to 3 reels from the first set, and turn them into stacked wilds. Once this happens, the corresponding reels on the second set will also turn into wild symbols.

The third bonus symbol is Mr. Krokko, the magical crocodile. This symbol can appear at any time and grant up to 10 Free Spins. During the Free Spin rounds, there will be more wild symbols and wild reels than usual. This is just how the game allows players to boost their winnings with its Free Spin symbol.


Forest Mania by iSoftbet is a true trail blazer in the gaming industry. Nothing beats having 100 pay lines to choose from across a 5 x 2 reel game set up with such amazing bonus features that include 2 different wilds and an incredible Free Spin feature. The images and the sound effects complement the already exquisite innovation, to provide exceptional gaming experience and entertainment. There is no doubt that this bold experiment will go far and will surely gather a following, not only because it is entertaining in so many ways, but also because the chances to win on this slot are simply unmatched. So go ahead, choose from among 100 pay lines and spin on 2 parallel sets of 5 reel games, until the magic of Forest Mania turns your pupils into dollar signs!

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