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The world of blockchain has revolutionized the way we play online, and SmartRoulette.io is the embodiment of this change. The concept behind this new gaming site is simple: To take a casino classic and bring it into the world of smart contracts. This allows for absolute and complete transparency, with a 100% provably fair game, and a gaming experience like few others. SmartRoulette.io has effectively transformed the popular game of roulette into an Ethereum-powered experience that is fun, fair beyond any other casino game out there, and technologically amazing! Apart from this and given that SmartRoulette.io is a brand new gaming site, players will be able to participate in this gaming endeavor further by becoming stakeholders who can get a dividend from the site thanks to the 3% cash back bonus, even if the player only wins!

SmartRoulette Quick Facts

Year Founded
Provably Fair
Number of Games

Games Selection

One game is all it takes to prove that Ethereum-powered gaming through smart contracts will completely revolutionize the industry. But SmartRoulette.io has had so much success, it launched a second no registration, 3-D roulette game that has a no deposit bonus. Players will be able to enjoy the thrill of a completely transparent gaming platform governed by a 100% provably fair model based on smart contracts on both. This means that the outcomes of the games are determined by completely transparent random number generators. Nevertheless, SmartRoulette.io wants to further improve its product. That is why it is currently considering the development of other types of roulette. In the future SmartRoulette will consider developing other casino games as well.

Bonuses and Promotions

As of now, SmartRoulette.io is offering a 3% cash back bonus. This bonus will be given to the players in tokens. Holders of these tokens will be entitled to dividends from SmartRoulette.io or they will be able to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. The 3% cash back bonus will be given to all players no matter what the outcome of their bets are. Other than that, SmartRoulette.io is working on some seasonal bonuses for testers. More such bonuses might be available as the project progresses.

Unique Features

Blockchain changed the nature of gaming and Ethereum-based smart contracts took that one step further. This is why SmartRoulette.io has so many unique features. Players can place various kinds of bets, which are part of the classic European roulette like Corner, Split, and Sixline bets. In all, players will be able to place 64 different types of bets on different fields on a single turn.

The bets are exactly where SmartRoulette.io’s take on classic European roulette, starts allowing its blockchain colors to shine through. The outcomes of each round are solely determined by random number generation. The payments are fully automated and controlled by a smart contract. The source code for that smart contract is completely transparent and can be independently verified by any blockchain developer. To top it all, every single result from every single gaming round is stored permanently on the Ethereum blockchain. This means it is public record and it is immutable. Anyone will be able to audit it at any point in time!

Additional Features

One of the most coveted features that SmartRoulette.io is the absence of a registration requirement to play. This is a very appealing feature for pure cryptocurrency players. The only thing players need to do in order to start using SmartRoulette.io is to download a plugin called MetaMask. This plugin allows for the interface between Google Chrome and the game itself. It works basically like any other plugin on a browser.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

Since SmartRoulette.io is an Ethereum-based game, payments and withdrawals are both done with Ether. Transactions are as fast and transparent as the Ethereum network allows. Withdrawals are completely automated and instantaneous, meaning that every time a player wins, they will get a transfer with the amount they won. That is what is expected of a pure blockchain-based gaming site. SmartRoulette.io is also looking to integrate more cryptocurrencies to enable a more complete gaming experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Payments and withdrawals once other cryptocurrencies are added will be governed by the same rules.

Customer Service

Since gaming is governed by pure odds and transparent smart contracts, SmartRoulette.io players will not need as much contact with customer service representatives. Nevertheless, the developers and all the crew at SmartRoulette.io is available for any kind of comment via email on a 24/7 basis. Players will be able to contact support at info@smartplay.tech for general questions, while bounty@smartplay.tech remains available at all times to inquire about promotions and upcoming bonuses. The staff at SmartRoulette.io is always happy to communicate with the players and answer any inquiry they might have.


There is no doubt that in the growing world of blockchain-based gaming, the Ethereum network offers some of the most exciting opportunities going forward. SmartRoulette.io is a pioneer in this space and so far it has created an exciting, captivating game that is completely governed by smart contracts. It is also 100% provably fair and transparent. Additionally, players have the opportunity to get that 3% cash back bonus denominated in tokens that also yield a dividend to their holders. This means that players can win twice: once by placing the correct bet and the other by getting a dividend when the house wins. That is the best incentive that you can get to play the odds and take a chance to win one of the first Ether jackpots in the history of mankind!

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