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In 2008 no one knew what cryptocurrency was. Only a few people were familiar with the concept before Satoshi Nakamoto launched his famous Bitcoin white paper. Now, everyone is talking about Bitcoin, and although more people know what it is and how it works, there are still many out there who don’t. This page is for all those of you who are looking to find information on what Bitcoin is, how it works, how to acquire it and more. If you already know but would like to have another point of reference, then the articles on this page are a great tool for you as well. Go ahead, check it out, and join the Bitcoin revolution!

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value?

The value of Bitcoin is hard to establish. This is not due to the virtues or drawbacks of the coin but rather a function of how we define value itself.

When Was Bitcoin Created?

Bitcoin was created in 2008. But what’s most interesting about the origins of Bitcoin is the 35 years of work that led to the first coin being minted.

Looking At Yearly Bitcoin Lows

The obsession with Bitcoin prices can drive people to twist the real meaning of numbers. Looking at yearly Bitcoin lows can warp the way we think about price and shows us that we might not want to think about price at all

Bitcoin Price Relative To The Value Of Fiat

As Bitcoin prices find a new floor, the value of Bitcoin and altcoins is being questioned. Those who question it often use heavily biased arguments based on questionable assumptions

Should We Be Asking How Low Can Bitcoin Go?

Just let speculators in and they will shift the whole system around. They will even start asking questions that early adopters and cryptocurrecy enthusiats wouldn’t normally ask themselves

Bitcoin And The Stable Coin Fallacy

Price stability is necessary to encourage consumption, but does this mean that the cryptocurrency world needs a stable coin? Are the arguments behind the creation of stable coins logical at all?

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Many Bitcoin sites now have lucrative affiliate programs where you can easily sign up and start bringing in the BTC.

The Truth About Bitcoin Replacing Credit Card Payments

Bitcoin replacing credit card payments looks like a Hayekian dream come true. Nevertheless, dreams are dreams for a reason, and Bitcoin’s role is not necessarily to make these dreams come true

Losing Coins: How Bitcoin Gets Lost and How Users Can Prevent This

Almost everyone in the crypto-world has heard at least one story about someone accidentally losing their Bitcoin. This happens more often than we might think, and it is not necessarily due to malicious attacks or hacks.

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