Censorship On Patreon Not Enough To Go Full Crypto

2 Jan, 2019 | Steven Gleiser

Censorship resistance is one of the core features of Bitcoin, but it doesn’t matter how much censorship crawls into the pockets of those who use fiat, they still hesitate to leave the fiat system

Bitcoin Price Relative To The Value Of Fiat

30 Nov, 2018 | Steven Gleiser

As Bitcoin prices find a new floor, the value of Bitcoin and altcoins is being questioned. Those who question it often use heavily biased arguments based on questionable assumptions

Should We Be Asking How Low Can Bitcoin Go?

20 Nov, 2018 | Steven Gleiser

Just let speculators in and they will shift the whole system around. They will even start asking questions that early adopters and cryptocurrecy enthusiats wouldn’t normally ask themselves

Bitcoin And The Stable Coin Fallacy

8 Oct, 2018 | Steven Gleiser

Price stability is necessary to encourage consumption, but does this mean that the cryptocurrency world needs a stable coin? Are the arguments behind the creation of stable coins logical at all?

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

20 Sep, 2018 | Marc Kenigsberg

One of the easiest ways to earn Bitcoin without the hassle of mining or expenditure is by making use of Bitcoin affiliate programs that offer...

The Truth About Bitcoin Replacing Credit Card Payments

27 Aug, 2018 | Steven Gleiser

Bitcoin replacing credit card payments looks like a Hayekian dream come true. Nevertheless, dreams are dreams for a reason, and Bitcoin’s role is not necessarily to make these dreams come true

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