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Chinese Blockchain Evolution – Proudly NOT Chinese?

China has released its third monthly CCID Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, which revealed some interesting findings.

Malta Leading the Way with Blockchain Crypto-Economy Strides

Malta has announced three parliamentary Cryptocurrency bills that will cement the islands place as a leader in blockchain cryptocurrency worldwide.

OSC Approves First Blockchain ETF In North America

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts might see it as an oxymoron, but regulators in Ontario have approved the first blockchain ETF which should start trading shortly. It seems Canadian markets beat the US this time around

Election Recount Calls Highlight Advantages Of Blockchain Voting

Legal, social and political systems systematically lag behind technological advancement. This is a historical trend that… read more

Sweden Considering Blockchain For Its eKrona

Sweden’s central bank is considering the launch of the eKrona. The move is designed to reduce… read more

Central Banks Pouring Into Blockchain Technology Face Challenges

Reports about the growing enthusiasm with which central banks in many countries are working towards the… read more

Blockchain Art Takes Over New York City And Berlin

Conceptual art showcasing the wonders of bitcoin, blockchain and their impact on the future of finance and… read more

Krypton’s Guide To 51% Attack Survival

An infamous weakness in the structure of any blockchain, the 51% attack has been a recurring… read more

Synereo Has The Second To Market Advantage

The world of social media has one of the clearest examples of how being first to… read more

Sweden Tests Blockchain-Based Land Registry

The Swedish government is launching a pilot to register land transactions and titles on a blockchain.

MIT Uses Bitcoin’s Blockchain To Issue Certificates

MIT’s media lab has been conducting tests on the application of blockchain technologies in many fields…. read more

Think Rise And Barclays Shaping Blockchain And FinTech Initiatives

With a 325 year tradition in banking, the common observer would understandably display a degree of… read more

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