Who is Marc Kenigsberg?

Marc is an advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and a firm believer in technology’s ability to… read more

Who is Gavin Andresen?

Gavin Andresen is Satoshi Nakamoto’s successor. He is the chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation who… read more

Who is Vinny Lingham?

Vinny Lingham is an internet entrepreneur originally from South Africa. He is best known as co-founder… read more

The Strangest Bitcoin Alternatives

Amongst the hundreds of cryptocurrencies that have appeared since Bitcoin became popular and the almost daily… read more

What is Peercoin (And What are its Main Characteristics)?

Peercoin – PPC – is a cryptocurrency launched in 2012 that aims to mix some of… read more

What is Dogecoin (And What Makes it the Most Fun Altcoin)?

Dogecoin was a cryptocurrency that was originally started for fun.

What is Feathercoin (And What Makes it an Interesting Altcoin)?

Feathercoin – FTC – is an innovative PoW cryptocurrency based on the development of the NeoScrypt… read more

What is Bitcoin (BTC) and How Does it Work?

Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency. Created in 2009, it is the most expensive cryptocurrency in… read more

What is Litecoin (And How is it Different From Bitcoin)?

Litecoin is based on the original Bitcoin algorithm but with some key changes. The aim was… read more

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