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Ubex Postpones ICO Until September

On the final day of their public token sale, Ubex has announced its extension until no later than September 30, causing anger and concern among contributors.

South Korea To Legalize Domestic ICOs

After banning ICOs it seems that South Korean legislators are already to overturn the ban and replace it with clear rules. The allure of the market seems to be stronger than what these officials thought, or maybe they realized that enforcing the ban is close to impossible

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Ads

Google joins Facebook in banning cryptocurrency related ads. The blanket ban shook the markets and it makes it seem like Bitcoin is the centralized internet giants’ boogeyman

Popular Cryptocurrency Wallets Are Putting User Assets At Risk

Hackers have been exploiting vulnerabilities on cryptocurrency wallets for a while now. Cheetah Mobile Blockchain Research Lab is now warning they might do it again on these 2 wallets

Prodeum ICO Disappeared Leaving Crass Word Behind

Another ICO disappeared this week leaving a crass word behind on its website and people wondering what happened. The Prodeum ICO, built on Ethereum, dissappeared abruptly.

Bankera – The bank for the blockchain has acquired the Pacific Private Bank

Bankera, one of the most successful ICOs in 2017, has just acquired Pacific Private Bank. This acquisition should allow Bankera to advance its roadmap goals, but it might be somewhat controversial.

Corporate World Joining The ICO Craze In 2018

Corporate ICOs will take over the market in 2018. Kodak and Telegram are reportedly ready to launch their ICOs, sclipsing the raises cryptocurrency markets saw last year.

Interview with Darico founder & CEO Mojtaba Asadian

With preparations well underway for its Pre-ICO on 30 November, Darico is set to reshape the… read more

Interview With Boosteroid CEO Ivan Shvaichenko

Boosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, storage and software products. We sat down with CEO Ivan Shvaichenko to ask him a few questions.

Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange CEDEX

January 12th 2018 is the CEDEX Coin pre-sale date. CEDEX is a groundbreaking Blockchain based Diamond… read more

FCA Announcement On ICOs Can Be Confusing, Exposing Possible Loophole

The Financial Conduct Authority – FCA – has issued an announcement on the ICO industry. The… read more

The Deep Creating A Virtual World To Transform The Real One

While we were all busy following the progress of blockchain projects and keeping a hand on… read more

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