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Bitcoin’s Insider Trading Problem

If you are looking for fiat profits, play with Bitcoin at your own peril. Whales out there are ready to swallow every single little fish in the crypto-pond. A few Goldman Sach’s traders just showed us how it is done – allegedly

The Turkish Lira Drop Makes The Case For Bitcoin

Populism turns into government overreach, bad policy and economic pain for millions. We have seen this before way too many times in way too many places. Bitcoin is the tool that can help the average citizen to cope with these situations

Canaan Launches First Bitcoin Mining TV

Bitcoin mining capabilities embedded into our favorite appliances for seamless mining. This is a great concept in theory, but it might not achieve the desired results. The first Bitcoin mining TV gives us an opportunity to understand why Appoints Ben Ingram as CEO

Executives from traditional fiat investment, banking and accounting firms are making their way into crypto. Ben Ingram is the latest one to join the trend, taking over the reins of

Kenya Launches Its First Bitcoin ATM

Kenya is one of the first players in the African crypto market enter the Bitcoin ATM Machine era. The new Bitcoin ATM is an initiative by Kenya’s Fintech startup, Bitclub which facilitates Bitcoin and Litecoin purchases using cash for Kenyans.

Bitcoin Establishes A New 2018 Low

Having hit this year’s record low at $5,892 USD earlier today. The crash after its meteoric rise wasn’t wholly unexpected, especially given all the attention Bitcoin. We look at what caused Bitcoin’s most recent downward trend.

Bitcoin Will Not Crash The Internet Any Time Soon

Central Banks are doing mental gymnastics through the BIS to discredit Bitcoin and appropriate blockchain technology for their own purposes. Their intellectual dishonesty is staggering

Google Searches For Bitcoin Down Over The Last 6 Months

If you want to know what the price of Bitcoin will be, should you take a look at Google search trends for the term Bitcoin? Maybe, but perhaps this is just a correlation, which cannot be taken as definitive information

A Lawsuit Against Roger Ver Is Gaining Traction

Justice is often elusive. Nevertheless, a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts has decided to take their chance at it by filing a lawsuit against Roger Ver for promoting Bitcoin Cash as the “real” Bitcoin

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