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Warning: Click Bait Ahead – Here Is Why Bitcoin Price Plummeted

One coin is supposed to undergo a fork so the prices of all the other coins fall. That doesn’t seem right does it?

New SegWit2X Fork Goes Ahead

The controversial SegWit2X fork apparently has a competitor that capitalized on its brand and forked from the Bitcoin chain at block 501451. This fork has interesting implications for the markets.

SegWit2X Fork Dawning On Bitcoin

Bitcoin infighting did not end with the BCH fork two months ago. The saga over the… read more

SegWit2X Notwithstanding Bitcoin Cash Is A New Reality

For months, we have been hearing about a possible bitcoin split. No matter how many times… read more

The Cold Hard Truth About BIP91, SegWit Activation And Bitcoin Prices

Over the past week, bitcoin prices have been through the motions to say the least. Prices… read more

Bitcoin SegWit2x Signaling Above 80%

Bitcoin might be one step closer to a resolution on its scaling issues. SegWit2x signaling went… read more

User Activated Hard Fork: The Bitmain BIP148 UASF Contingency Plan

Bitmain came out today with its own plan to counter Bitcoin Core’s BIP148. In a blog… read more

How To Survive BIP148 The Upcoming Bitcoin UASF

There is a lot of confusion about what BIP148 means to each bitcoin user, what a… read more

Bitcoin Scaling Through Backroom Diplomacy

Reports point to a recent meeting between a significant portion of bitcoin’s most influential stakeholders to… read more

Litecoin Locked SegWit In And Prices Fell

On Wednesday 26th of April 2017, Litecoin locked SegWit in. The soft fork solution to some… read more

Litecoin SegWit Activation Threshold Met

April 12, 2017 will go down in cryptocurrency history as the first time Litecoin passed the… read more

Extension Blocks Proposal Runs Into Trouble

A few days ago, Purse, BitPay and Lightning suggested a new solution for the bitcoin block… read more

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