Fork News

Warning: Click Bait Ahead – Here Is Why Bitcoin Price Plummeted

One coin is supposed to undergo a fork so the prices of all the other coins fall. That doesn’t seem right does it?

Bitcoin Gold Hack Prompts Hard Fork

In May, one of the largest attacks on a blockchain took place when the Bitcoin Gold blockchain was hacked. This attack not only undermined the security of the blockchain but also brought about a hard fork.

Can Ethereum Vulnerabilities Trigger Another Split in The Community?

Ethereum has grown exponentially since the debacle with The DAO and the hard fork. Nevertheless, it seems the network is still vulnerable, but now the risks for financial loss are even higher

New SegWit2X Fork Goes Ahead

The controversial SegWit2X fork apparently has a competitor that capitalized on its brand and forked from the Bitcoin chain at block 501451. This fork has interesting implications for the markets.

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