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Easiest Way To Accumulate Bitcoin Before The Halving

With the Bitcoin halving fast approaching, it is time for you to assess where you stand in the market and figure out how to take advantage if you think prices are going to go up

January 9, 2020 — Ryan Allen

Does Crypto Really Need Institutional Investment?

Institutional investors are professional speculators. This is why Satoshi wanted to remove them from the equation when he created Bitcoin. Now it seems that they are keeping BTC prices low

November 22, 2019 — John Gonzales

The Top 10 Crypto-Blockchain Platforms Emerging out of 2018

No matter how painful the bear market might be, there are thousands of devs still dedicating all their efforts toimprove the crypto and blockchain industries. Here are the top 10 projects that they developed in 2018

December 17, 2018 — John Gonzales

For the Sake of Blockchain, Please Stop Talking About the Blockchain and Just Make it Work

Despite its potential to change the world, barely one out of five people claim to know what blockchain is. Its future may depend on how well we manage to integrate it into users’ lives.

November 20, 2018 — Ryan Allen

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