CBC Reveals Liquidity Pool With FunFair

Bitcoin Chaser - March 5, 2021

CBC Reveals Liquidity Pool With FunFair

Two leading cryptocurrency gambling tokens, FUN and CBC, can now be exchanged through a dedicated Uniswap liquidity pool. Casino Betting Coin (CBC) announced the move, which comes as a bid to improve the experiences of their players – allowing them to exchange FUN and CBC freely and have access to more online casinos. 

The initial pool pair was set at $10,000 – around 60,000 CBC and 170,000 FUN. CBC President Ed Brennan revealed his excitement at the prospect of the liquidity pool, and said that CBC had been major fans of FunFair’s work in the space for a long time. 

“We are also both supported by passionate communities, so we wanted to take the opportunity to help link these communities together and make it easier than ever to trade in the future of crypto’s fastest-growing sector”, said Brennan.

CBC and FunFair are both trusted players in the crypto gambling space. Novomatic acquired the majority of the remaining CBC currency back in 2020, and cementing the token’s position as a leader in the crypto gaming ecosystem. 

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