What Crypto Costumes To Wear This Halloween

Discover some budget-friendly, quirky, and DIY cryptocurrency Halloween costume ideas you can use in the spooky season.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Oct 28, 2021 and updated Nov 4th, 2022
What Crypto Costumes To Wear This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be looking for some ways to incorporate your love of cryptocurrency into a fun costume. We get it, we were looking for the same stuff. Because crypto is still fairly new to the mainstream, there aren’t many crypto Halloween costume ideas out there but we found some. Bitcoin Halloween is here and we are here to scare the fiat world. Below are some budget-friendly, quirky, and DIY Blockchain Halloween costume ideas you can use this upcoming spooky season:

1. Crypto coin

coin halloween costume
Straight to the point. Image Source

One of the most common ways people have dressed up for Halloween thus far is to dress as an actual bitcoin. It’s straight to the point and still goofy enough to pass. You can find ways to make it your own, or even choose a different token altogether. Maybe not the most creative, but definitely, something most mainstream will catch onto. 

2. Fiat fairy

Fiat fairy halloween costume
Fiat, like fairies, is made up. Image source

Dressing as a fiat fairy is as easy as finding some elf ears and cheap wings, ripping off the feathers, and stapling on some printed-out money. The irony of just printing money does not go unnoticed. A fiat fairy may not seem super crypto, but it backs the fact that fiat, like fairies, is made up. 

3. Blockchain

Blockchain halloween costume
The Blockchain look never gets old. Image source

Not many people may get it at first, but those who do will see the power. A blockchain Halloween costume is fun and simple. All you have to do is find some chains, we recommend the cheap plastic ones, and attach them to some blocks. We have seen a few renditions of this crypto Halloween costume, and it never gets old. 

4. Whale/Bull/Bear

Whale halloween costume
You’ll have a whale of a time. Image source

This is a great crypto Halloween costume if you are going out with people who may not be familiar with crypto. Dressing as a bull or whale will be easier, still as fun, but hold an underlying message. These costumes will also require less effort, as they can probably be purchased online. You can add a bitcoin Halloween logo to be more on-brand. 

5. Miner

Bitcoin miner halloween costume
A dirt cheap bitcoin Halloween outfit. Image source

If you are thinking of ideas for the perfect bitcoin Halloween costume, then you may just want to be a miner. The power behind bitcoin, kind of. This costume would be fairly simple to put together, a quick stop at a kids or dollar store should provide everything you need. A safety hat, a plastic pick ax, whatever clothes, and some dirt on your face. 

6. Rocket

Only one place you are going in this crypto Halloween outfit. Image source

Another fun one that doesn’t rely on people knowing about crypto, but still a great crypto Halloween costume. Dressing up like a rocket is bound to be fun and bring some laughs, especially with a little head hole. You can make it more crypto-themed by sticking a bitcoin Halloween logo somewhere on it. Bitcoin to the moon. 

7. Private key

crypto halloween private key costume
Coinbase Design Director Connie Yang gets it. Image source

This is one of our favorites on the list purely because of how simple yet recognizable it is in the community. For this Blockchain Halloween costume, all you have to do is stick a giant key cutout on yourself. It might help if you write private or public on it, may also be a good way to let everyone know your relationship status. Open to the public. 

8. Fork

bitcoin fork costume
This Blockchain Halloween costume is simple. Image source

Definitely not one for the masses, but fun nonetheless. This Blockchain Halloween costume is simple. Just attach a fork cutout to whatever you are wearing, extra point if it shines. You could also put BTC on one hand and BCH on the other hand, to really emphasize the point. Not likely to be guessed, but a fun bitcoin Halloween costume for sure.


dogecoin fancy dress
Memers will laugh. Image source

Last but certainly not least, the infamous DOGE. The reason why this is a great costume is because it’s low budget and most memers will laugh, but it’s still very crypto. Just print out a DOGE face and make a mask, then stick a bunch of “much wow”, “very currency”, and whatever else all over. It’s easy, fun, and is sure to get a laugh. 

These are just a few crypto Halloween costume ideas that come to mind, if you have a better idea or use one of our listed ones, please tag us on social media. We would love to see how you celebrate crypto this Halloween. Whether it be silly, scary, or satire, we can’t wait to see it. It’s a great way of introducing crypto to the public too, with all the “what are you dressed as?” questions coming in.

We hope this article helped you find inspiration for your Blockchain Halloween costume this year. Have a great Halloween!