Cryptocurrency News Roundup: Adidas Partners With Coinbase, NFT word of the year, Crypto Record Breaker

Let’s take a look at all the cryptocurrency news over the last week.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Nov 29th, 2021
Cryptocurrency News Roundup: Adidas Partners With Coinbase, NFT word of the year, Crypto Record Breaker

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Let’s take a look at all the cryptocurrency news over the last week, recapped and compiled in an easy-to-digest format, listed below:

‘NFT’ is Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2021-

NFTs have taken the world by storm in this recent year, seeing big celebrities and mainstream companies adopting the technology. So this news is no surprise.

The Collins English Dictionary, a printed and online dictionary of English, has now announced its word of the year as NFT. This is a massive win, especially in a year where everyone is talking about a global pandemic. In 2020, Collins named “lockdown” its Word of the Year. Things are looking a bit more positive now, exceptionally for the crypto community.

“NFT,” the abbreviation of “non-fungible token,” has been named Word of the Year by dictionary publisher Collins, beating “crypto” and “cheugy” to the top spot.

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Sneaker Giant Adidas Says the Metaverse Is ‘Exciting,’ Reveals Partnership With Coinbase-

Adidas is a worldwide recognized name in the fashion industry, priding itself on quality and innovative products. They are now entering the crypto space.

Adidas is partnering with the leading exchange, Coinbase, to tackle Blockchain technology. It’s not certain what this partnership means as of yet, but it might have to do with the Metaverse. A few days prior an Adidas spokesperson said: “The Metaverse is currently one of the most exciting developments in digital, making it an interesting platform for Adidas.”

Who knows what this partnership will bring, but it is sure to be exciting for both Adidas and Coinbase, whether accepting crypto or creating NFTs.


El Salvador celebrates Black Friday, buys 100 BTC for 20% off-

El Salvador has recently made a name for itself with cryptocurrency, firstly for accepting bitcoin as legal tender, and then announcing their construction of a Bitcoin City. 

Bitcoin price fell about 8% on Friday around $54,237, and the Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele decided it was time to celebrate Black Friday and buy the dip again. Nayib invested more than $5 million into Bitcoin, buying a total of 100 Bitcoin at a 20% discount. El Salvador holds Bitcoin worth roughly $66.3 million now. 

This is more big news for the country, as well as cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has inspired the world, and this can especially be seen in El Salvador.

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Black Friday is celebrated in El Salvador.

Google warns crypto miners are using compromised cloud accounts-

Google has announced the risk that follows as crypto miners are found using compromised cloud accounts for computationally-intensive mining purposes. 

The cybersecurity team stated that “Malicious actors were observed performing cryptocurrency mining within compromised Cloud instances”. 86% of 50 recently compromised Google Cloud accounts were used to perform cryptocurrency mining. Around 10% of the compromised accounts were also used to conduct scans of other available resources. 

This does not only put miners, their equipment, and software at risk, but could potentially put them at risk of their earnings and wallets being hacked too. 

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Omicron Cryptocurrency Sees 900% Surge Days After New COVID variant Emerges With Same Name-

Omicron (OMIC), a relatively unknown cryptocurrency, has risen to an all-time high today after a new fast-spreading COVID-19 variation was given the same name.

A new variant of COVID was recently identified on November 23 in South Africa, and it was named Omicron. There was already a cryptocurrency named Omicron, launched a few months prior but it has no more ties to the virus except the name. This didn’t stop the cryptocurrency from rising more than 200% on the day the variant was announced.

It’s hard to say whether this price will hold or if it is just another meme-able moment driven by the community, we will have to wait and see.

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Omicron Cryptocurrency surges by 900%.

SolChicks IDO Breaking Cryptocurrency World Records-

SolChicks, the most anticipated play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain, has announced today several records in the leadup to its IDO launch on the 26th of November.

They had over 50,000 players complete the SolChicks game demo in its first week; launched on a record-breaking number of 30 launchpads; saw a +844% increase in their floor price; and had their social media grow by a collective 1,607%. They also ranked #1 on CoinMarketCap, #1 P2E game on Solana P2E, and #1 hottest NFT collection on Solanart.

With all these accomplishments set, this project has solidified its position as the fastest-growing P2E game in the market, with alpha scheduled for release in Q1 2022.

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