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Blockchain technology revolutionized the gaming industry. Satoshi Dice was the first to show the world how bets can be automated and executed solely through the blockchain. Now vDice is taking it a step further with its own proof of concept game based entirely on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. vDice is in fact the next step in the evolution of automated blockchain games because all its outcomes, bets and payouts are entirely governed by smart contracts. These smart contracts are completely transparent and they are all effectively public record, which means that anyone can audit them at any given time to verify that this dice game is fair.

vdice casino

vDice Games Selection

Only one game is necessary to revolutionize the casino industry and introduce smart contract-based dice. vDice relies completely on the concept of blockchain-powered dice games. Basically, players choose their numbers and pay into each bet separately. Whatever the outcome of the roll is, vDice executes the payout automatically. If the player wins, they instantly get their reward. This is quite a simple game that manages to captivate an impressive number of players precisely because its simplicity makes it fun to play and accessible to all form anywhere in the world.

Bonuses and Promotions

Although there are no bonuses, vDice offers the players the possibility to invest in the game. With its own Ethereum-powered tokens – vSlice or VSL – which vDice launched on November 15th, 2016, players can buy a stake in vDice. This token yields dividends, and can be sold freely to other interested parties. With the rising popularity of vDice, this can become a good source of income for investors. Gamers can use their dividends from their vSlice tokens to get some more Ether to play with. If they do so, those dividends will effectively become their vDice bonus, although in the future, vDice might launch a more formal bonus feature.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

With vDice there is no need to worry about transfers, payments and withdrawals. Everything is automated and players don’t need to make a lump sum deposit to gamble with it afterwards. Instead they commit a given amount of Ether to each bet. Once they do this and they select their numbers, the smart contract takes over. Within a second players will be able to get the result of their roll and the payout follows automatically.

Customer Service

This is probably one of the first online casinos that doesn’t need any kind of customer service at all. vDice is an example of how a product or service should be the first and only instance of customer care. The developers who programmed the smart contracts for vDice as well as the game itself, should get all the points for this incredibly successful customer care policy. They effectively provided all the customer care any player would possibly want access to at any point in time when they developed this Ethereum-powered game. In terms of customer care, vDice paid it all forward, and so far, there are no player complaints.

Unique Features

Apart from the fact that the whole concept behind vDice is unique, it is important to say that this game will help revolutionize the casino industry further. The game is transparent and provably fair. Every outcome is guaranteed by solid programming on the Ethereum network, but apart from that, vDice offers some other excellent features that players always aspire to enjoy.

First of all, vDice doesn’t require anyone to register. In fact, there is no option to register at all. This means that vDice offers completely anonymous play. This, coupled with the pay-per-bet system that Ethereum gambling allows for, guarantees that the player’s money and identity are safe at all times. Given that vDice doesn’t hold player money, nor does it hold sensitive personal information, players will always be safe from virtually every kind of attack.


With anonymous play, no registration, completely transparent and verifiable gaming through smart contracts and an exciting simple game, vDice is revolutionizing online gaming. There is no doubt that this is the next step in the evolution of blockchain-powered gaming that will give players unparalleled advantages. We have no doubts that vDice will become that iconic first Ethereum-based dice game that will usher in a new era for the gambling industry. Players will be able to participate in shaping this future both through investment in vDice tokens – VSL – and by rolling to hit the biggest Ether jackpot in history!

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