Everything you need to know XPUNKS NFTs

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Aug 17, 2022 and updated Dec 14th, 2022
Everything you need to know XPUNKS NFTs

XPUNKS is a limited series of 10k unique self-generated NFTs on the XRP blockchain ledger, designed to provide the local community with a platform for online expression. Their NFTs are a means of declaring to society that you are a pioneer in the XRP NFT development and community. The XRP Ledger, a newly developed blockchain, is expected to grow tremendously and become one of the common ways payments are made. Buying an XPUNK now will be a statement showcasing you were the first to support this revolutionary blockchain and the advancement of NFT development on it. 


XPUNK attributes
XPUNK attributes.

XPUNKS NFTs each have their own distinctive retro design with unique characteristics making them easily identifiable and the degree of rarity will vary between them. XPUNKS has made it easy to assess the rarity of each NFT by placing statistics in the collector’s cards so that buyers can quickly compare the ratings and decide which one they would like to invest in. 

Currently, XPUNKS has 40 attributes that are implemented in the generator. It is recommended to regularly check up on their website where new feature updates are being launched on a weekly basis. XPUNKS is in the process of making new core models for the collection. These include various types of facial features, female XPUNKS, and much more. This company encompasses inclusion and strives to create the grooviest NFTs available, once the first group is launched they ask consumers to provide design feedback on discord as they are being developed. This feedback tool will be available on the website too. 

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) existing features are incapable of launching NFTs with the degree of excellence XPUNKS wants to provide. They are currently in the process of finding a solution to this problem so that these kinds of coins and NFTs can be supported on the XRPL website. Specifically, there has been a movement towards the XLS-20d because it provides native support on the XRP ledger. It is by far the best option but it requires changes to be made to the XRPL protocol, which will take some time to implement. After these changes have been made XPUNKS NFTs will be ready to launch on the XRP marketplace. 

In preparation for the launch of these retro XPUNKS NFTs, there will be a maximum token supply of 5,000 XPUNK tokens for release, which can be exchanged for XPUNKS NFTs once they are launched. One token will be exchangeable for two Xpunk NFTs, or one NFT can be minted for 0.5 XPUNK. XPUNKS promises they will not own more than 7% of all tokens as they want the community to receive more and drive the already successful project.

How To Buy XPUNK Tokens

How To Buy XPUNK Tokens
XPUNK homepage.

XPUNK tokens will be available on any XRPL DEX, such as, Sologenic, or Bitrue. For a detailed description of how to buy XPUNK Tokens watch this video.

Here are the steps to buying an XPUNK token on the Sologenic DEX:

  1. Setting up your XUMM Wallet:
  • Download the XUMM app on Google Play or the Android store.
  • Open the app and select the “create new account” option, if you already have a wallet you can select the “import an existing account” option.
  • Next, you must secure or provide your secret phrase, it is the only way to access your wallet without a password. It is important to write down this phrase and store it offline for security measures. 
  • After clicking next you must confirm your secret phrase to make sure it is correct.
  • Now that your wallet is created you will see your unique public address, a distinct string of numbers and letters.
  • Next, to activate your account you will need to deposit 10 XRP into the XUMM Wallet to keep your account active. 
  1. Create a Trustline on XPUNKS website:
  • Go to the Xpunks Website and select the Trustline option and confirm the Trustline by swiping the bar to the right in your XXUM wallet. 
  1. Using Sologenic
  • Go to the XPUNKS website and select the “Buy Now” button. This will take you to the Sologenic Exchange. Open the Sologenic menu and connect your XUMM Wallet.
  • Now you are ready to start buying XPUNK tokens on the Sologenic Exchange. 

These steps may vary when purchasing XPUNK tokens on other exchanges, wallets, or DEXs. But these are the basics to acquiring your XPUNK tokens when they launch publicly. 


If you are looking for the next innovation of NFTs, XPUNKS NFTs are the way to go. Their pre-release hype is high and once you have an XPUNKS NFT, you will be among the first to hold NFTs on the XRP blockchain. Enjoy the community fun, and follow their roadmap to stay updated, they recently checked “Bradley gets XPUNK tattoo” off of their timeline. We recommend checking out their website for updates so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this exciting Punknation. 

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