News Roundup: First Cryptocurrency Fund Approved in Switzerland And More

Let’s take a look at all the cryptocurrency news over the last week.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Oct 4th, 2021
News Roundup: First Cryptocurrency Fund Approved in Switzerland And More

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Indonesia to regulate cryptocurrencies and not prohibit it like China-

The Indonesian minister for trade, Muhammad Luthfi confirmed to the local media Berita Satu about tightening cryptocurrencies regulations rather than prohibiting it like China.

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First cryptocurrency fund approved in Switzerland-

FINMA has approved the Crypto Market Index Fund as the “first crypto fund according to Swiss law,” the authority officially announced on Wednesday.

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Cardano is no longer the world’s third largest cryptocurrency-

While the rest of the crypto market struggled to decide its direction, the decentralized blockchain platform was knocked off its perch by Tether on September 29.

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Visa working on blockchain interoperability hub for crypto payments-

Visa has introduced a project that aims to be a “universal adapter” of blockchains that can connect multiple cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and central bank digital currencies.

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Walk-in Cryptocurrency Exchanges Emerge Amid Bitcoin Boom-

The owners of the store, which opened in 2018, belong to a small crop of entrepreneurs who believe there is a place for virtual currency offline and on Main Street.

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Amitabh Bachchan Becomes Latest Celebrity to Join the Cryptocurrency Craze-

The veteran actor is expected to roll out his own NFTs including some of the most unique and exclusive artworks surrounding his identity by November this year.

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Joe Biden: US Bringing 30 Countries Together to Stop ‘Illicit Use of Cryptocurrency’-

The White House released a statement by President Joe Biden Friday on the government’s cybersecurity efforts as October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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Slovenia Mints National NFT Tokens for Gifting at Crypto Expo Dubai-

The NFTs will be unique 3D panorama pictures of the landscapes of Slovenia. Interested people can visit Slovenia’s pavilion at the expo to get these NFT gifts.

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El Salvador Mines First BTC Using Volcano Energy-

President Nayib Bukele announced that El Salvador has mined a small proportion of its first bitcoin by utilizing power naturally obtained using geothermal power obtained from Volcanos.

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