5 Easy Ways to Give Bitcoin as a Gift

The one gift you can never go wrong with is money, and what’s better than money? BTC. Learn how to give bitcoin as a gift.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Aug 27, 2021 and updated Feb 22nd, 2023
5 Easy Ways to Give Bitcoin as a Gift

Gift-giving has always been a hassle when it comes to special occasions, you never know if what you’re gifting is wanted or needed. But that no longer has to be an issue. The one thing you can never go wrong with is money, no one doesn’t want money. It can seem like an afterthought of a gift or low effort, so raise the odds and profits with cryptocurrencies. Another problem with money is most people spend their gifts quite quickly, as it’s a once-off rather than an investment opportunity, that’s where crypto comes in again.  

Maybe you’re tired of buying soap bundles for mothers day? Maybe it’s your 3rd wedding anniversary? Or even your child’s 17th birthday? There is one gift solution that fits all special occasions, and it’s bitcoin. When you gift bitcoin, you are not only surprising your family and friends with something they can really use, unlike those soap bundles, but you are also gifting them with the future to come. Set yourself and your loved ones up for success when you gift bitcoin. Below are a few ways to give bitcoin as a gift. 

How to Give Someone Bitcoin

Buy And Send To Their Wallet

If the person is already involved in blockchain and crypto, they should have a wallet that you can buy bitcoin for and gift to. The trick is finding out their public keys or account details, some exchanges and wallets allow you to send to an email address or cell phone number. Otherwise, you may need to borrow some money from them and ask for their wallet address to pay them back. Your biggest issue is acquiring their address, but if you ask a few weeks or a month in advance then that may not ruin the surprise at all.

Creating A Basic Bitcoin Wallet For Them

If you are wondering how to send bitcoin to someone who doesn’t know or isn’t involved in cryptocurrency, that can be a little bit more tricky. The first step in how to send bitcoin to someone like this would be to get them to create a crypto wallet, doing this in advance would be ideal.

If you are trying to gift bitcoin as a surprise, then you could potentially set up a basic wallet for them using just their email and a password. Once they receive the wallet and bitcoins, they can complete the finer KYC details

Gift Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

The easiest way how to give bitcoin as a gift is most likely a hardware wallet. They may be a little more pricey, but they are definitely the easiest way to surprise someone. All you need to do is choose a hardware wallet that matches the needs and price you are looking for, and buy some bitcoins to store on it.

This is probably the most fun gift too, as it would seem like just a USB drive yet upon further explanation, you could show them their bitcoin balance. This is also the easiest for beginners because of its plugin and select option.

Bitcoin Gift Cards

Bitcoin gift cards are becoming a popular way to gift bitcoin, as they do not require you to set up an account for someone, or spend extra by buying a hardware wallet. The premise of Bitcoin gift cards is simple, find an exchange or website that allows you to buy an amount of bitcoin and gives you a code to claim it. You then give the code to whoever you are gifting, and they would go to that provider and enter that code to redeem their bitcoins. It’s important to verify the trustworthiness of the provider you are using. 

PayPal Purchasing and Sending

Most people have a PayPal account, and with PayPal’s recent announcements of allowing users to buy, store, and sell bitcoin, this may be the best option on how to gift bitcoin. This option does depend on where your loved one is located, but PayPal is working to bring this feature to more people. It is the easiest way how to gift bitcoin to a beginner, as PayPal provides an easy-to-use platform and accepts multiple currencies. The accessibility and simple setup system of PayPal make this a great option for when you want to gift bitcoin to a newbie.

The Gift of Bitcoin

These are just a few of the more prominent ways you can gift bitcoin to someone you love or care for. Some are more simple than others, and your method depends greatly on whether your loved one is already involved in the cryptocurrency scene or not. Your method for sending your parent’s bitcoin vs sending your sibling bitcoin would be very different, as their technical capabilities may differ. That is why we provided you with ample options to choose from, each with its own benefits.

The fact that you are choosing to gift bitcoin to someone you love is something we think is highly admirable, not only promoting the cryptocurrency sector but also giving rise to said loved ones’ life and potential future. We wanted to make bitcoin gifting as easy as possible with our simple guide, and we hope it helped.

Good luck with bitcoin gifting, and be sure to give our regards too! Send them our way so they can learn more about Bitcoin and all things cryptocurrency.