Acorn Collective Platform

Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform

Currently, the majority of crowdfunding income is limited to North America and Europe. The Acorn Collective platform is a project that plans on making crowdfunding freely accessible to everyone, regardless of their locality and economic background, by developing a decentralized platform that is secure and transparent. All of their services will be offered on their platform, ‘Acorn Hub’.

Acorn Collective Platform – The Problems

  • At the moment, many potential entrepreneurs lack the resources and capital to develop their projects and products.
  • Most crowdfunding is limited to first world countries, even then, the majority of these attempts fail to meet their financial objectives.
  • Investors often have difficulty in distinguishing between legitimate or capable projects, and those conducted by bad actors.
  • Crowdfunding in and of itself often entails high costs from marketing, platform and transaction costs.

Acorn Collective Platform – The Solution

  • The Acorn Collective platform aims to offer free crowdfunding, with further services offered for a fee. This, combined with the platform’s decentralized nature, will allow for wider accessibility for new entrepreneurs, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds and localities.
  • In order to ensure that potential crowdfunders will be able to achieve their goals, as well as to protect investors against fraud or failed projects, the Acorn Collective platform has put a number of safeguards in place:
    • All applicants will be evaluated for proficiency and understanding of the crowdfunding process. If they are found lacking, they will be offered training to increase their performance, thereby increasing their chances of launching and running a successful crowdfunding event. Applicants will only be accepted onto the platform upon receiving a successful evaluation.
    • Crowdfunders can opt to make use of Acorn Collective’s marketing engine to allow them greater marketing reach. One aspect of this is the ability for crowdfunders to set their campaign to allow for incremental releases of raised capital upon completion of certain objectives are achieved. In this way, the crowdfunding capital won’t be frozen from use, the investors will be able to see what the crowdfunder is doing with their funds, and the crowdfunder will be able to further their marketing campaign based on real progress.
    • Projects will only be accepted if they are legally compliant within their country of origin, and if they are ethical.
    • Funds will only be released to crowdfunders as objectives are achieved, meaning that if the crowdfunder fails to fulfill their claims, the remaining OAK funds will be returned to the investors.
  • Crowdfunders who have successfully completed their campaigns can list their products for sale on the Acorn Collective platform.

Acorn Flow

Acorn Collective’s OAK Functionality

  • OAK tokens can be used on the platform, in addition to fiat currencies, for both investments and transactions.
  • OAK tokens will be awarded to affiliates, should the program be implemented.
  • In areas populated with many Acorn Hub users, the OAK token can be used by these users to transact real-world products from the platform’s former crowdfunders.
  • The Acorn Collective platform also plans to select certain projects to provide extra aid to in the form of 1:1 fund matching, or percentage of the initial fund-raising goal, among others. These will be paid out in OAK tokens.

One noteworthy accomplishment thus far, is that the Acorn Collective platform successfully sold out their Pre-Sale in 3 weeks.

Acorn Collective Platform’s Links & Social Channels

ICO Main Sale Details

Total Supply: 90 Million OAK
Platforms: Ethereum
For Sale: 72 Million OAK
Soft Cap: $5 Million USD
Hard Cap: $100 Million USD
Price: 1 OAK – $1.40 USD
Payment: ETH
Main-Sale Start Date: May 26, 2018
End Date: June 24, 2018
ICO Bonus: N/A

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