blockport token sale

Blockport Token Sale

Blockport is the first social crypto exchange

Blockport token sale is complete

The reason why Blockport starts with building a centralized exchange that extends into a decentralized internal architecture is due to several circumstances. First of all, Blockport needs to be up and running as fast as possible to become a healthy company generating revenue and to learn from its users, stakeholders and the global blockchain community.

Secondly, much research and development is still required to improve the speed and liquidity of decentralized exchanges. Current decentralized solutions aren’t yet providing what’s promised. Thus, to provide customers with fast settling of orders, a centralized mechanism to settle orders is still needed. The hybrid set-up allows Blockport to simultaneously provide a consumer facing product and to work on decentralized exchange technology, utilizing a best of breed approach.

-Blockport Whitepaper

Blockport ICO Information

Token TypeEthereum ERC-20 Token
Token SymbolBPT
Total Supply69,440,000 BPT
Currency AcceptedETH
Token Sale71%
Token Shop reserve14.3%
Team, Advisors, Early Seed Investors14.3%
Trading Reserve50%
Blockport version 2.0 & 3.0 Development10.4%
Operations and Maintenance of Blockport Exchange10.4%
Marketing Costs16.2%
Legal & Regulatory Complance Costs+9.2

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