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blocksale ico

Blocksale ICO 

Blocksale is an application network for accredited investors and ITOs.

Interview with Blocksale

BitcoinChaser: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project?

Blocksale (BOK): No industry standards currently exist that can be used as a guideline when launching an ITO. BOK looks to change this by becoming the first AML KYC compliant pre-sale buying group. Investors will need to meet specific criteria, such as being accredited investors, to participate in this venture as stated in the references listed below. This will be an exclusive offering to individuals who are looking to participate in acquiring tokens from ITOs in the presale stages where token value is most of the time no more than 50% of the value of the ICO offering.

BC: How will your project address this problem, market deficiency or opportunity in a unique way?

BOK: BOK will provide a platform for these individuals, looking to acquire tokens through fiat purchase or crypto purchases, giving the capacity to be involved in numerous ITOs at the VC/Presale level with ease.

BC: How do you think that competition will develop following your ICO?

BOK: There will be others looking to compete in the AML/KYC compliancy space. Our timeline and goals that we set out are in the near future compared to a lot of the other platforms. As well – we bring more innovation towards the portal with developmental features that will be released to create an ecosystem with our token.

BC: For all those who have read your white paper and are still on the fence about contributing to your ICO, what can you tell them that could lead them to buy into your project?

BOK: BOK will pride itself on the uncompromising protection of clients by meeting all regulatory and compliance standards. This will future proof BOK as the gold standard in the ITO marketspace. Working with only accredited investors will remove any grey area and establish BOK as a long term viable portal. The full compliance mitigates risk to the organization, the client, and the ITO founder. This will continue to attract premium ITOs seeking presale investment capital to ensure their Initial Token Offering is a success.

Blocksale ICO Information

Start dateOctober 4
End dateDecember 14
Payment methodsBTC, ETH, Fiat
PlatfromEthereum ERC20

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