Blockchain-based IoT Tracking and Verification for the Online Retail Industry

The Checkitsreal platform aims to develop a dApp based on the Ethereum blockchain that will help to resolve the prevalence of counterfeit or misrepresented products on internet-based retail platforms. It will do so by producing IoT tracking tags and chips that are programmed with encrypted codes. The incorporation of blockchain technology will allow of the traceability of a product’s production and transactions resulting in transference of ownership.

Checkitsreal Platform – The Problems

  • Counterfeit and misrepresented products are prevalent in both the real and internet-based retail marketplaces, with consumers often having no real way to verify the product’s authenticity.
  • When consumers purchase fake products, the manufacturers lose out financially on that revenue.
  • Manufacturers’ reputations can also suffer as a result of poor customer reviews based on these false products.
  • Current IoT tracking solutions are often costly and difficult to implement on a mass-scale.


Checkitsreal Platform – The Solution

  • Checkitsreal supplies manufacturers with validation tags and chips for the products, thereby allowing for the tracking and authentication of their products by the manufacturers, buyers and suppliers.
  • Each tag has a unique validation code encrypted in it, that can only be deciphered when scanned by the checkitsreal dApp. This will cause the code to be locked, thereby ensuring that it cannot be replicated.
  • Checkitsreal’s tags are low cost and easy to mass produce and incorporate into the product or packaging.
  • The checkitsreal platform is already operational, with and existing client base.
  • When customers elect to register their purchases with the manufacturer, the manufacturer will receive the consumer’s contact information. This will provide them with a larger database of individuals to reach out to customers with follow up surveys and promotions.
  • Checkitsreal platform users will need to register to use the platform. This will also allow them to instantly transfer their information to manufacturers by simply confirming the permission in-app. Registration will allow them to receive their product warranties, as well as promotional updates.
  • Consumers can use the application for free.


Checkitsreal’s HZN Token Functionality

  • Manufacturers can only use CIR tokens to purchase checkitsreal products.
  • Customers can be incentivized to register their newly purchased product with the manufacturers in exchange for CIR tokens.

Checkitsreal Community

Checkitsreal Details

Total Supply: 200 Million CIR
Platforms: Ethereum
For Sale (Pre and Main): 60 Million CIR
Hard Cap: $20 Million USD
Price after ICO: 1 CIR = $0.40 USD
Pre-Sale Start Date: June 1, 2018
Pre-Sale End Date: June 15, 2018
Main Sale Start Date: July 6, 2018
Main Sale End Date: July 27, 2018
Pre-Sale Bonus: 50%
Main Sale Bonus: 25%

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