Clears ICO

KYC Authentication for the Crypto and Fintech Industry.

The Clears ICO plans to create a secure  platform for standardized and easily transferable data-sharing and KYC verification. Their primary markets will be within the cryptocurrency, ICO and Fintech industries. These processes will be autonomous and will include data authentication such as financial history checks and identity confirmation, as well as criminal history and mental health queries.

 Clears ICO – The Problems

  • Document authentication processes are currently unreliable.
  • Companies often request data specifications that extend beyond legal requirements.
  • Re-entering data for each new registration is a time-intensive process for investors.
  • ICOs lack the scalability to ensure that potential investors meet all legal requirements from each of the array of countries from which they are applying.
  • KYC processes are labor and time-intensive, as well as expensive for ICO platforms.
  • User data is vulnerable to hacking attempts and exploitation by bad actors.
  • Delays in KYC processes can cause investment losses to both investors and ICO platforms.
  • ICO legislation is constantly changing, thereby causing constant threat of delays and variable compliance concerns throughout the ICO process.

Clears ICO – The Solution

  • The Clears platform’s KYC confirmation process is relatively quick, with an estimated process time of thirty minutes to completion.
  • Each user who registers will receive a unique encrypted ID with which their authenticated data will be associated. This will allow for the fast and inexpensive transfer of requested data.
  • This will also make it easier for the Clears ICO’s platform to access and share the data with future requests.
  • Each KYC request will trigger a series of identity confirmation questions to the user, with the KYC process and data transference being resolved when all questions are correctly answered.
  • The Clears ICO platform will also have a network of legal and financial professionals to authenticate hardcopy documents when required by certain institutions such as banks.
  • The Clears ICO’s platform will be audited by multiple external firms and governmental bodies, thereby ensuring legal compliance with local authorities, as well as to reassure all platform users of the Clears ICOs legitimacy.

Clears ICO – How it Works

The Clears platform will make use of multiple tools to ensure that all user data is completely accurate and properly encrypted. Part of this methodology includes utilizing the Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and storing it within Amazon’s private data storage network. This data will bel streamed as needed, pending multi-layer data-access authorization process.

As an extra measure of security against data loss, this data will also be hashed on the Ethereum blockchain inside Clears platform’s DynamoDB databases. This will render reverse-decryption impossible, so as to ensure that the backed-up data is invulnerable to attacks by bad actors.

Clears ICO’s PPTL Token Utility

  • Users and institutions wishing to register with the Clears platform will be charged a fee in CLRS.
  • Professionals wishing to offer their services through the Clears platform will need to register using CLRS tokens. They will likewise be remunerated with CLRS.
  • Companies will be required to pay CLRS to the Clears ICO’s platform for each completed KYC request. Users, however, will not be charged for this service.

Clears ICO Details

Total Supply:
86,374,977 CLRS
Platform: Ethereum
For Sale: 48,369,987 CLRS
Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH
Price: 1 CLRS = 0.001 ETH
Minimum: 1 ETH
500 ETH
Payment: ETH
Pre-Sale Start Date: April 9, 2018
Pre-Sale End Date:
May 21, 2018
Main-Sale Start Date:
October 1, 2018

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