CoinPoker Platform

A Decentralized Platform for Poker Players

The CoinPoker platform is a decentralized platform fascinating poker matches between players on a global scale. They also plan to improve transaction speeds and traceability, RNG rates and reliability, as well as allowing for user anonymity.

CoinPoker Platform – The Problems

  • Many existing online poker platforms experience payment processing delays, as well as currency conversion restrictions.
  • Difficulty authenticating players and their holdings.
  • Users often have to register by providing personal information which could compromise them.
  • Ensuring that cards generated are purely random.
  • Much of the potential expansion of international poker has been limited due to local regulations.
  • Centralized control means that platform owners control the funds deposited by their users.
  • Lack of transparency of funds transfer and traceability.
  • The prevalence of bots and other applications by bad online actors.
  • Experiential gaps allow more experienced players to dominate tables and limit the growth of new players.
  • Oracles and other applications used for Random Number Generation (RNG) are often outsourced, and therefore often slow and unreliable.

CoinPoker Platform – The Solution

  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies allow for trustless security and anonymity of players.
  • This also allows for almost instantaneous transferal of funds between players, and between players and the platform.
  • Third parties are removed from the equation, therefore decreasing distrust and fees.
  • Low transfer fees.
  • Decentralization means that anyone can participate, regardless of their geographic constraints.
  • The CoinPoker platform plans to implement a security protocol, CoinPoke Fairplay, to monitor games in order to identify and remove any bad actors and bots that may try to enter the platform.
  • CoinPoker has created their own RNG protocol to facilitate faster and more reliable card distributions. Part of this is based on seeding the RNG’s processing to the computers of all players involved in a particular game. Once processed, this is generated as a smart contract. All smart contracts are located and stored on the blockchain, which ensures that all actions taken are traceable and transparent.
  • The CoinPoker platform will only be accessible in jurisdictions where it is legally permissible to participate on such platforms.

CoinPoker platform

CoinPoker Platform’s Share and Contribution

  • Only CoinPoker’s CHP tokens can be used on the platform. They are based on smart contacts, which means that they are secure, and that their transference is transparent and transferable.
  • 25% of all CHP revenue generated on the CoinPoker platform will be issued back to the CoinPoker platform users in the form of promotional events and tournaments. These rewards will be autonomously distributed via smart contract.
  • The CoinPoker platform will charge players CHP for transaction fees and administrative costs.
  • The platform will retain 15% of its tokens for the purposes o attracting new users and launching tournaments and freerolls.
  • CHP will be offered as rewards to users for platform activity and social engagement, as well as through promotional giveaways.

CoinPoker platform

Token Information
(as of May 7, 2018)

Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: 500 Million CHP
Current Circulation:
~218.9 Million CHP 
ICO Dates: January 19 – 26, 2018
Price: 1 ETH = 3,500 CHP
Amount Raised:
~$52.7 Million USD
Payment: ETH
Pre-Sale Start Date: June 1, 2018
Pre-Sale End Date: June 15, 2018
Main Sale Start Date: July 6, 2018
Main Sale End Date: July 27, 2018
Pre-Sale Bonus: 50%
Main Sale Bonus: 25%

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