colu local network

Colu Local Network ICO

A decentralized monetary system from the wallet up

Colu Local Network ICO is complete

“The existing financial infrastructure is outdated – financial services are not ready for the age of a cashless economy. We want to build a new payment network for fiat money that will replace clearing houses and payment processors. Instead of subjecting consumers and businesses to superfluous fees, the Colu network will enable the use of cryptocurrencies to distribute the saved amounts back to the network’s stakeholders using community currencies – giving everyone the power to securely control their own wealth without intermediaries.

The Colu local network aims to utilize the power of cryptocurrencies to further empower local economies by creating better, more transparent monetary systems. This encourages local spending and keeps more money circulating in the community, thus multiplying the local economic activity.”

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Colu Local Network Information

TypeEthereum ERC-20 Token
Total Supply1.5 billion CLN
Max Cap$50 million USD
Currency AcceptedETH

Token Sale35%
Community Pool30%
Future Development29%
Team Pool6%

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