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In order to create the next generation original blockchain, Crymix is doing industry-academia joint research with national university in Japan. They are also building a research system that enables university intellectual property, know-how and academically valuable technology to cooperate with industry.a

According to information previously written, this national university is the University of Tokyo which is the highest university in Japan.

About CryptoCurrency Exchange

Crymix will run CryptoCurrency Exchange. Generally speaking, participate in ICOs is easy. But it is a problem to exchange legal currencies and other currencies. Crymix will run CryptoCurrency Exchange and CRX go public in own CryptoCurrency Exchange.

The time until service in of Crymix is relatively long. However, they have technology base with collaborative joint research with industry university collaboration with national university corporation.

This information can be expected for security etc and compared to other ICO there is a sense of security.

Crymix Core Service

Crymix INC. plans to develop various services at its own company using the next generation original blockchain.

There are many services in overseas remittance business, donation platform, and others.

This time I will explain the communication application.

Do you use WhatsApp? Cremix is developing a communication application like WhatsApp which has cryptocurrency function.

It use the exchange function of digital assets to exchange information in general such as messages and files.

If the application has a cryptocurrency account or exchange function, communication is convenient.

They held a seminar at the Council House in Kasumigaseki, the center of politics in Japan. This place can not be easily borrowed. And Industry-University collaboration with national universities may have big potential. Of the ICO, a lot is expected. 

About CRX sale

CRX sale is an ICO (initial coin offering) in which Crymix INC raises funds to advance the Crymix project.

The sale takes place for the whole 4 periods and is now in the second stage sale.

It is sold as an exchangeable CRX point equivalent to encryption currency CRX.

When the original block chain is completed, it will be exchanged for the currency on the blockchain.

2nd stage – 150 JPY/CRX point – February 1 – April 30, 2018

3rd stage – 200 JYP.CRX point – May 1 – July 31, 2018

Final stage – August 1 – September 30, 2018 

If you would like to participate in CRX sale, you can move to “Crymix wallet” from “new registration” of the official Crymix page and register. And then, you can buy CRX.

The payment method is bank transfer of Japanese yen, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP).

You can move to “Crymix wallet” from “new registration” of the official Crymix page and register. 

In Crymix Wallet, you can manage assets and purchase CRX.

The ICO and the virtual currency are confounded, but from the beginning of the original blockchain you can have an alternative to that cryptocurrency, the Crymix ICO is very noticeable.

If you are interested, please join.

Crymix INC Official website


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