CryptoFriends ICO HypethonAs the ICO industry advances, there are more and more gatherings to discuss potential investments, meet with entrepreneurs and share ideas with industry experts. One of the focal points of the ICO industry is Russia. To take advantage of the ICO opportunities in this market, CryptoFriends has launched a series of high profile events with influencers from all over the globe. These events are different from any other ICO event around the world. The next event they will hold, will be the CryptoFriends ICO Hypethon, for which Bitcoin Chaser will be able to give you a special discount code.

About the CryptoFriends ICO Hypethon

Before we get into the details of the discount, we want to give you all the information about the CryptoFriends ICO Hypethon, and why this type of event is special:

  • The CryptoFriends ICO Hypethon will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the 16th and 17th of August 2017.
  • This event will be hosted at the “Street Art Museum”.
  • ICO angels, experts and dozens of the best projects and start-ups will participate in the event, showcasing their business ideas, knowledge and business opportunities.
  • A panel of legal, business and technical experts will select the best projects at the event.
  • Within the 48-hour time period of this event, the projects will be ready to launch their pre-ICO, following the advice of the experts.

Get a Chance to be Among the First to Participate in a Project

Participating in the event will allow you to ask questions and interact with all the entrepreneurs and the experts, as they gear up to launch their pre-ICO. Moreover, this event will afford you the opportunity to be amongst the first to participate in a project you are fond of. This is an unprecedented approach, and one that the whole ICO industry should follow.

Experts Behind the Concept

This innovative approach to ICOs is the brain child of some of the speakers and promoters of CryptoFriends. This organization has had the privilege to work and be influenced by top players in the industry, such as:

  • Sasha Ivanov – CEO of the Waves Platform.
  • Eric Benz – CEO of CryptoPay.
  • Marc Kenigsberg – Founder of Bitcoin Chaser.
  • Kostya Katsev – Founder at true Flip.
  • George Basiladze – Founder at CryptoPay.
  • Alexei Arkhipov – Chief Blockchain Officer at Qiwi.

Innovative Event, Great Crowd and Discounted Tickets!

Bitcoin Chaser has had the opportunity to follow the development of CryptoFriends closely. Therefore, our staff, headed by our founder, Marc Kenigsberg – featured speaker at CryptoFriends events – managed to get a special discount code for you to get your tickets. The discount code for Bitcoin Chaser readers is: Chaser. Use the Chaser code and get 25% off the ticket price, so you can take advantage of this unique opportunity within the ICO industry.

We hope that the nature of the event, the quality of the experts and the innovative system with which ICOs will be vetted, coupled with our special discount code, will give you an incentive to join. We will be there, looking at the new crop of ICOs coming out, so we hope to see you at the CryptoFriends ICO Hypethon, checking those new projects with us.

To buy your ticket follow this link.

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