Cube ICO

A security platform for autonomous vehicles based on blockchain technology

Cube public token sale is complete. Hard card raised. 

Cube is the blockchain security platform for autonomous car. The key to Blockchain is that technology ensures trust. Cube uses block-chain technology to ensure the security of autonomous mobile networks. These days, the car is a mass of software with over a million lines of code. Cars started to use more networks, and autonomous cars should depend on the network heavily for self driving. It uses network navigation route, traffic information, vehicle to vehicle information, and remote ECU upgrade.

This means that autonomous vehicles have a greater risk of being hacked. Perhaps no one has ever suffered from a hacking virus once or twice. However, if a self-propelled vehicle is hacked, it can be a huge risk.

Cube creates a security system that protects these autonomous vehicles from hacking. Unlike past methods that did not prevent hacking, we use blockchain technology. Applying blockchain is not a hack at all, unless you hack hundreds of thousands of computers at the same time. Cube uses blockchains, artificial intelligence, and Quantum Hash Cryptography technology.

-Information from Cube whitepaper

CUBE ICO Information

Token SymbolCUBE
TypeEthereum ERC-20 Token (what is ERC 20 Token)
Token Supply 72,000,000 CUBE
Purchase Rate1 CUBE = 0.001 ETH
Currency Accepted ETH
Token Sale60%
Company Reserves13.7%
Security & Audit10%

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