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The Deep ICOWhile we were all busy following the progress of blockchain projects and keeping a hand on the pulse of ICO markets, a small team of developers was busy bringing the next generation of blockchain-powered services. They managed to keep their project under the radar for a while, but we caught it in its early stages of development. From what we read, we can say that this project could transform the way we interact with each other online. This project, called Deep, is at the seams of blockchain, virtual reality, social media and the gaming industry. ICO markets have never seen anything like this before.

Combining Different Technologies to Create Unprecedented Interaction

The combination of different technologies makes The Deep a pioneer in the creation of unprecedented human interaction. The Deep is a virtual world in which users will be able to develop their own virtual real estate in whichever way they want. While they do that, they will be able to interact with other users on various levels and they will be able to build upon previous experiences. To do this, The Deep will rely on:

  • Deep tokens, which will allow users to claim land within this virtual world, and will allow them to vote on how this world is managed.
  • Blockchain-powered Deep tokens are limited to 100,000,000 with each token allowing users to claim a 1×1 plot of virtual land.
  • Blockchain-based saving mechanisms that distribute the large amount of data needed to run The Deep among a network of interconnected computers, making it immutable.
  • In-game gold that will allow users to develop their virtual real estate. Users will earn gold from operating Deep nodes to save information about The Deep.
  • DPoS that allows token holders to vote for representatives. These representatives also get in-game gold rewards for their services.
  • All this is VR-enabled, so users will be able to navigate through The Deep with their VR goggles as well, providing an experience like no other.
  • Social platform aspects that allow users to interact with each other.
  • Completely functional buildings and real estate developments that allow users to set up shops within The Deep, for example.
  • A protocol level that will allow users to enable any payment system they deem necessary, to sell services from within their buildings to other users.

The Deep is an Audacious Project

To set The Deep up, its developers will have to make all these moving parts work and interact with each other. There is no doubt that this is a great challenge, but it is one these developers have been gearing up for, for years to tackle. Nevertheless, taking the step to issue an ICO to go ahead with it, is audacious without a doubt. Therefore, the rewards that users may reap from it, will be at least equal to the magnitude of the project’s audacity.

The Deep Immersion is Unparalleled

Should this project succeed, it will bring an unparalleled level of immersion to its users. Just imagine what it would feel like to walk around a virtual world, interacting with other users, while you go into buildings and transact with other users, buying or sell services. That will be an experience on a level that is way above what we can experience now with any existing tool in the market.

Considering how transformative this experience could be, The Deep ICO is definitely one to keep an eye on. Pre-ICO contributions will be opening just 4 days from now, and the level of interest that this project can generate, will be tested. The ability of its founders to deliver on the development of The Deep, will depend as much on user interest as it depends on their development skills. With the immense number of possibilities and new experiences that The Deep could generate, we are quite confident that user interest will grow exponentially as information about The Deep spreads. We hope The Deep will be able to capitalize on it and bring their vision to fruition.


Click here to read The Deep white paper.

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