Digitize ICO

Digitize loose change and cash into cryptocurrency. Instantly.

Digitize ICO is suspended. PreSale soft cap not raised. 


Interview with Digitize

BitcoinChaser: What kind of problem or opportunity inspired you to launch Digitize?

Digitize: Two of my many frustrations in life were carrying loose change, and the difficulty in purchasing cryptocurrencies. As I saw the world shifting towards digital currencies, I noticed under developed and unbanked economies lagging in the adoption. This is when I thought that a solution was needed, thus Digitize was born. A simple process to convert loose change and into cryptocurrency, at the point of a sale.

BC: How will Digitize solve this problem?

Digitize: Digitize is aiming to help the world transition from a cash based society, to a digital one. Digitize is targeting the public and consumer directly by solving a real world problem. Most cryptocurrencies today are tech heavy and hard to understand for the average consumer – a barrier for the mainstream adoption of the technology. We plan to solve this by developing a service that helps consumers convert loose change to crypto and remove the frustration of carrying and saving loose change entirely. By making this process a simple and seamless experience we can help bring the public into the crypto world one coin at a time.

Further, Digitize also offers OTC (over the counter) purchases of cryptocurrency up to $5000 AUD. Recently, with global bans of credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies, cash based deposits are much needed in the space.

BC: How is the competition in your segment of the market?

Digitize: The competition is very minimal. Only one other service globally, lets consumers convert loose change into digital currency – CoinOut. However, CoinOut is not a blockchain and cryptocurrency solution. Digitize uses blockchain technology which is more secure and faster. Digitize also offers OTC purchases of up to $5000, and offers a cryptocurrency exchange.

BC: For anyone who is still on the fence about contributing to your ICO after reading your whitepaper, what can you tell them to buy into your project?

Digitize: I would say to factor in real life adoption. Digitize solves a real problem for consumers – Frustration of carrying change. We are not just targetting the cryptocurrency market with our concept. We are targeting the general public. A recent survey conducted by Digitize of over 150 individuals, at local shopping malls in Sydney, Australia – shows 80% of respondants would use a service like Digitize.

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