Gelios ICO

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Gelios is a customization peer to peer cryptocurrency lending marketplace

“Gelios is a cryptocurrency lending marketplace. The mission of the Gelios platform is to provide a whole new level of flexibility to the lending industry. Gelios utilizes a decentralized credit bureau built using the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain infrastructure to allow people from all over the world to receive capital.

This capital may be used for various purposes. These may include personal finance, SME financing, or long-term loans. Gelios aims to provide a “pure platform” approach, that enables different parties to interact, communicate. This approach will lead to synergy in work and a better credit process.

The main operative function of the Gelios platform is to bring potential creditors and borrowers together by way of a matching mechanism. This mechanism helps both parties reach a consensus on the period of the loan, the interest rate, and the identification and validation procedure. This will make the borrowing process fast, easy, and available online to anyone, anywhere.”

source: Gelios whitepaper

Gelios ICO Details

Gelios ICO

Token SymbolGLS
TypeEthereum ERC-20 Token (what is ERC 20 Token?)
Total GLS Supply16,808,823
ICO Soft Cap$500,000 USD
Hard Cap$7,000,000 USD
Price (nominal)1 GLS = $1 USD
Coins Accepted ETH, BTC

Token Distribution

Custom aquisition3%

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