HireGo ICO

The decentralised future of car hire and car sharing built on Blockchain.

HireGo token sale opens June 1 – August 14, 2018

“HireGo is building a decentralised, peer-to-peer marketplace that allows its users to lease their vehicles in a trustless and secure environment. The marketplace leverages the Ethereum blockchain as both a public ledger for lease transactions, and for conducting the
transactions themselves, using a smart contract framework.

The HireGo marketplace provides a directory of vehicles available for hire. Users are able to select an appropriate vehicle, secure it for their desired period and settle the payment, inapp, using the HGO token – an ERC20-compatible cryptocurrency built for the purpose (see
HGO Token). Vehicles listed on the marketplace are crowdsourced from HireGo users and can be easily added in-app; additional tools are available for “power-users” making larger numbers of vehicles available.

HireGo has been designed with simplicity and security as a first priority. Payment is made, in advance, and held in an escrow contract on the Ethereum blockchain; in the event of a dispute between users, a trusted party, such as the dedicated HireGo resolutions team, will
be able to make the final judgement. Reviews and comments made by users will also be stored on the blockchain, creating an indisputable, trustworthy record of a user’s conduct. These technologies are handled natively by the HireGo application and all technical
complexity is hidden from the user.”

source: HireGo website

HireGo ICO Details

HireGo ICO

Token SymbolHGO
Token StandardEthereum ERC-20 Token
Total Token Supply100,000,000 HGO
Initial Value1 ETH = 4,000 HGO

Token Distribution

10%ICO Organization, Bounties, Legal, Advisers
5%HireGo App Early Birds

Interview with Luqman Hussain, Managing Director, HireGo

BitcoinChaser: What kind of problem or opportunity inspired you to launch HireGo?

Luqman Hussain: We’re seeing issues everywhere with space, an ever increasing taxation on vehicle owners, businesses struggling to provide parking spaces for their staff.

On the peer to peer side their are centralised businesses like Turo providing some aspects of this however being centralised means they have the same problems as all centralised systems. Ownership of user data and reviews and high fees due to the massive overheads. If it was your car how could you trust the hirer?

BC: How will HireGo solve this problem?

LH: The solution is to allow car sharing; this reduces the costs of ownership by providing the owner a source of income. Individual companies are looking provide car sharing to their employees by leasing cars but as this is not central to their business it can be quite difficult and time consuming to overcome. We provide this service our of the box by allowing groups to setup “communities” within our app where they can decide who has access to the cars.

For P2P by using smart contracts we can be certain of the users identity, keep the history of the vehicle, hirer and owners in the blockchain so that everyone knows what they are getting and our fees only the very small gas fees for running on the Ethereum network.

BC: How is the competition in your segment of the market?

LH: We are the worlds first decentralized platform that has both car sharing and car hire and has an beta web DApp that actually works.

As for centralized platforms there a few including Turo, zipcar, drivenow.

BC: For anyone who is still on the fence about contributing to your ICO after reading your whitepaper, what can you tell them to buy into your project?

LH: We have a lot of plans for the very near future and intend to allow vehicles to be unlocked by relevant possible of HireGo rent token to allow automated hiring. Recently porsche unlocked a car using the blockchain so the market is definitely heading in this direction and we are at the forefront for decentralized DApps.

Additionally we also want to add the ability to buy/sell electricity for electric vehicles using HireGo tokens. i.e. find people/business nearby who have signed up to sell their electric in return for HGo tokens.

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