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invest feed ico token sale


A dedicated cryptocurrency social network with portfolio management and exchange capabilities.

investFeed ICO Information

Pricing: 10,000 FEED (IFT) / 1 ETH

Token Supply: 335m

ICO Start Date: July 23, 9am UTC

ICO End Date: August 7, 9am UTC

“We have built a smarter social networking and market access platform (Browser and Mobile) for the cryptocurrency community. This will enable the community to establish professional relationships, learn, manage their wallets, and exchange ideas.” – investFeed

investFeed ICO is live. Ends in...








Interview with investFeed

BitcoinChaser: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project, and how will your project address this?

investFeed: The problem that inspired the launch of our project was the fact that there’s an absence of a central hub acting as an exchange, news source, and dedicated network for enthusiasts and professionals globally in the blockchain industry. Cryptocurrency and alt coin information then has the tendency to end up being fragmented and scattered due to a lack of a central platform for discussion. At the same time, content creators who contribute on existing social networking platforms face weak revenue opportunities.


BC: How will your project address this problem, market deficiency or opportunity in a unique way?

iF: Our project aims to create a smarter social networking and market access platform for the cryptocurrency community. We will be a “One Tab” solution for access to social networking, crowd sentiment, news and information on crypto projects, and integrated asset portfolio/order management and sharing capabilities. The FEED token will provide an incentive for users to create quality content and truly build the network. The FEED token will be at the apex of all our value-add user experiences across the investFeed platform.


BC: How do you think competition will develop in this segment of the market following your ICO?

iF: Because we are at the forefront of this space, there is bound to be competition that will develop around our type of social platform. The robust features we plan on developing based in our roadmap will ensure that we are consistently on the cutting edge of our segment of the market. We welcome competition, and are ready to continue to innovate and make sure our product constantly and consistently accommodates our user-base’s request and needs.


BC: For all those who have read your white paper and are still on the fence about investing in your ICO, what can you tell them that could lead them to invest in your project?

iF: We want to disrupt the financial world by creating a cryptocurrency epicenter that places an emphasis on one of blockchain technology’s paramount goals: transparency. We wish to bring everyone from professional and retail crypto-traders and investors, newcomers, institutional funds, independent and mainstream news, existing projects, and startup projects together for an integrated community with a passion for cryptocurrency. Our product will evolve with all of our users, and all of our services are built on the Ethereum MainNet to meet the highest level of security and transparency.

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