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MediBond ICO

Advancing & enhancing the healthcare experience, through the blockchain

“Our MediBond Blockchain will be perfectly designed to promote security and privacy, along with being transparent in the functions that it executes. Customers, whether they be insurances, pharmacies, individuals, or medical doctors will be able to make use of MediBond tokens to pay for space to store medical data, or to employ contracts on the network between intermediaries, or to make use of computing power of the blockchain to process requests of assistance from our neural network.” –  MediBond

MediBond information:

Project Type/Platform: Ethereum Token/ERC-20 Token

Token Supply: 250,000,000 MediBond tokens

ICO Start Date: August 5, 2017

ICO End Date: September 5, 2017



MediBond ICO is complete.








Interview with MediBond

BitcoinChaser: What kind of problem, market deficiency or opportunity inspired you to launch your project?

MediBond: We see a big problem in healthcare technology in general. Most of it, especially in the United States is severely outdated and many doctors and pharmacies currently do not employ the best possible solutions for transparency, security, and privacy of data. The patient in the end is not protected in that his/her data is used many times without their explicit approval, it is not encrypted in many cases, and it is the primary target for ransomware attacks/viruses. Furthermore on behalf of doctors the technology available is not being utilized to the fullest extent in the area of Artificial Intelligence to help with diagnostics and treatment plans based on what has worked for other patients. This is the current dilemma that the healthcare industry is in.

BC: How will your project address this problem, market deficiency or opportunity in a unique way?

MB: We Believe MediBond platform built on the blockchain will achieve these problems amdist the marketing deficiency in several ways. Each of them is connected to a core feature of MediBond starting with our Verification System. This system implements of a trinary multisignature protocol that will require a sign off from all parties (Insurance, Pharmacies, Doctors) involved in the transaction. This will provide data integrity to healthcare transactions and fraud prevention, to keep the process of filling prescriptions transparent.

Secondly MediBond Cryptographically secures the storage and encrypting the transfer of all medical data across hospitals, pharmacies, insurances, all on the blockchain. Multisignature sign off required for the dispensation of any data to third parties.

Finally, we’re building our artificial intelligence powered neural network to be trained on medical data of persons on the blockchain to be able to provide intelligent insights to medical professionals, assisting them in narrowing diagnosis for patients and swiftly identifying potential risk factors early on.

BC: How do you think that competition will develop following your ICO?

MB: There is some valid competition in the area of medical records storage (e.g. Blockhead Health and Patientory) however neither of them really address the problem of fraud between pharmacies, doctors, insurances neither do they have a neural network to assist with predictive diagnosis or treatment plans, whilst MediBond have a working proof of concept demo of the latter and have presented it in their team presentation video.

BC: For all those who have read your white paper and are still on the fence about contributing to your ICO, what can you tell them that could lead them to buy into your project?

MB: In an ICO it is important that it is not just an idea you are backing but also some kind of a working prototype has to be there. We’re in good stead as we have a detailed technical presentation where we go through the features in more detail and also give a working demo of the AI neural network (proof of concept) towards the end of the video above.

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