mooziecore token sale

Mooziecore Token Sale

Mooziecore is the world’s first music streaming service on blockchain

Moozicore is revolutionary Background Music Service for Businesses where music is essential for customers. Our service transforms background music into an interactive customer-sourced playlists. Unlike Spotify, Tidal or any other non-commercial services, Moozicore is fully licensed and legal for businesses of all kinds.

Our solution gives business owners control over the playlists and a better experience for its customers, with the opportunity to let them engage with the music right from their smartphones With Moozicore platform business owners get access to Moozicore Web Panel that allows to create their own vibe from a licensed library of over 20 million tracks. Also can customize their music library by choosing from our genre-specific catalogs, pre-built playlists, create their own using special tools or import their favorite playlists from Spotify or iTunes.

Moozicore’s goal is to evolve places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and any other entertainment venues by creating personalized, social music experience for each customer

-Mooziecore whitepaper

Moozicore Token Sale Information

Token Sale

Token SymbolMZI
TypeEthereum ERC-20 Token (what is ERC 20 Token?)
Total MZI Supply750,000,000 MZI
Base Rate1 ETH = 70,000 MZI
Min Purchase0.05 ETH
Max PurchaseNo Limit
Soft Cap3,000 ETH
Hard Cap498,000,000 MZI (7114 ETH)
Purchase Rate$50 USD converted to Ether per 1 DOLOS
Coins Accepted ETH

Token Distribution

Sale Contributors28%
Reserve Funds34.4%
User Growth14.8%
Moozicore Team14.8%
Bonus Contributors4%

Moozicore Commmunity

Moozicore Commmunity

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